The Bride’s New Year’s Resolutions

The Bride’s New Year’s Resolutions

The Bride’s New Year’s Resolutions

Yes! You’ve made to 2014! Whether you’ve just gotten engaged or you’re into month 4 of the wedding plans, here are some new year’s resolutions all brides need to abide by!

I will not confirm anything before my guest list

The most annoying part of wedding plans has to be the guest list. From your mom suggesting every person in your neighbourhood needs to be there from waiting on some very flaky people to reply to your invites, guest lists are a pain. And while it may be easy to confirm some venders now and judge the fall back later, think about ordering those 250 wedding favours when it turns out there will be 176 at your event.

I will not end up a viral “hilarious” wedding video

Hmmm, heart-felt lovely wedding speech? Great way to your 15 minutes. A bridezilla freakout or accident? Not as much! The day will have many eyes and iPhones on you, so remember that you could easily become a meme in seconds!

I will not have a change of heart on my wedding décor last minute

By all means, feel free to alter and edit your concept as you go. After all, you’ve been planning for sometime, and styles do change slightly in between that time. But if you’ve already ordered the bridesmaid dresses, stick with it! If you’re really unsure about your shade, as your florist to add depth to your bouquets introducing different shades here and there.

I will stop using Facebook as my personal wedding journal

Yes, you are excited about your day, as you should be, but the girl you went to college with 7 years ago couldn’t give a crap about you finally getting that wedding photographer you really wanted. And we’re not saying no one cares, but isn’t it nice to leave a little surprise for your guests too?

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