9 Girly & Delicious Wedding Desserts We Want Right Now!

Treat yo’self! So, this post is purely for the girls (hey, it’s okay to be a bit selfish every once in a while). Prepare for pastel icing and sprinkles overload. We just wanna eat all these mouth-watering wedding desserts right up. Treat table goals.

Old School Ice Cream Cones

Cos you can’t bate a good old 99 and a flake. Okay, maybe a bit more sophisticated for your summer wedding. Creamy flavours in an array of pastel colours and a nice crunchy cone. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Ice Cream Cones

Fresh Donuts

Mmmmm… donuts. Channel your inner Homer Simpson in a wedding dress. What’s not to like!

Fresh Donuts

Pop Tarts & Extra Sprinkles Please…

Our childhoods were spent wishing mam would come back from Dunnes with a box of these babies. It never did happen. Make up for lost time with this super cute dessert snack.

Pop Tarts

Summer Slushies

A classy Mr Freeze darling! Zingy flavours and oh so refreshing. These will hit the spot during those summer months.

Summer Slushies

Delicate Macarons

The most ladylike dessert ever – and these pretty little things are hand-painted too!!


Cotton Candy

Candy floss and champagne cocktails. There’ll be a stampede of heels to the bar!

Candy Floss

Cute Cake Pops

Is it acceptable to eat five? They are quite small…

Cake Pops

Letter Churros

Spell out your own soppy love message & voila… Newlywed cuteness overload.

Letter Churros

Mini Naked Cakes

Simple, affordable and darn bloody sweet!

Naked Cakes

Image Credits (L to R):  Ice Cream – Ruth Eileen Photography; Donuts – via Domino; Pop Tarts – via Style Me Pretty Living; Summer Slushies – via Marriage.com; Macarons – Sugar and Cloth; Candy Floss – Lauren Conrad; Cake Pops – Kate Webber Photography; Letter Churros – Studio DIY; Mini Naked Cakes – Copenhagen Cakes;

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