Date Doubt: How to Decide on a Wedding Date

There are many important details to consider when planning a wedding, and we’re sure that if you’re at the beginning stages of planning you might be feeling slightly (or majorly) overwhelmed. That’s okay! Have no fear! We’re here to help you along this wedding planning journey.

A good place to start planning would be choosing the date. This decision can set the tone for other major details of your big day. So take a deep breath and let’s figure out how to decide on a wedding date.


As a couple, you probably have a few special days that stand out from your relationship. Would you like to get married on the day you first met, started dating, or maybe the day you got engaged? There could be a handful of dates that stand out. If getting married on one of these special days is going to make your wedding day even more symbolic, then you’re ready to move on to the next step!


If a choosing a memorable date isn’t an issue for you, another place to start is what time of year you’d like to tie the knot. This factor plays a huge role in the overall atmosphere or mood of your wedding. Choose summertime if you’re looking to create a cheerful tropical event. For a sense of drama, rich colours textures, an autumn wedding would suit more appropriately. While winter weddings have a magical and enchanting glow about them that is perfect for cosy and intimate gatherings. Springtime weddings will offer the perfect backdrop for pastel colours, and lots of flowers for a light and airy garden themed wedding. Of course, the possibilities for each season are endless, but what type of wedding theme or personality you’d like to portray can play off whichever season you end up choosing.


Of course, you wouldn’t be planning a huge celebration without your nearest and dearest loved ones! When deciding on dates take into consideration any other events happenings during the year that would inhibit important people from making it to your wedding. Maybe your sister is expecting a baby the week you were thinking about picking a date, or your cousin’s graduation from college is falling on the same weekend. Several events can occur that might make it difficult for family members or friends to travel to your wedding day. So, be sure to take some time to look at your calendar or communicate with any VIP guests you wouldn’t want to tie the knot without!


Consider your Budget – seems like a no-brainer, but there are ways to get a lower price when booking your date. Venues offer deals for off-peak dates or due to lower demand. Weekend dates will usually have a higher price tag than days during the week. This opens up more possible dates and times of year for your celebration. Keep your eyes peeled for venues looking to fill last-minute dates too. Hey, if you’re leaning towards a shorter engagement take the opportunity to snatch a deal at that dreamy venue you’ve had your eyes on.


Have you always dreamed of a sparkling Christmas wedding or saying your I do’s on the most romantic day of the year, Valentines’s Day? Well, then taking into account what holidays fall throughout the year might suit you best. Choosing one of these days will help greatly when organizing the overall theme and atmosphere you’ve been visualizing. Some holidays also fall on long weekends making it easier for out-of-town guest to make the trek to join the party.


Whaterver date you end up choosing, we hope that you find one that truly fits your unique wedding style and ticks off all the boxes on your dream wedding checklist! To check the date availability at you ideal venue head over to the WeddingDates venue listings page.


Photo by Jon Asato on Unsplash

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