Keep Calm and get Organised For Your Wedding

Ask any couple – married, newlyweds or engaged and they will all tell you the same story. A great wedding needs organisation. Having a plan and sticking to it can save a lot or frustration. Here’s how to keep calm and get organised for your wedding.

Hit the Ground Running

Yes, that amazing feeling of your new engagement is of course amazing but do you know that a lot of couples make the mistake of spending half a year relaxing before making plans? If you’ve already set your date then it is time to do some planning. Of course you are allowed to have fun but cramming everything in at the last minute isn’t a good idea either.

Use a Calendar, App or Diary

So, if you have a date set, you can now plan everything else. The best way to do this is to set deadline dates for when you need certain tasks accomplished. Try to get your major plans done early; reception, dress, photographer. This way, the last few months won’t be so hectic.

Set Time Aside

Use your time carefully and plan with your partner. Set aside even just an hour in the week where you can focus on wedding details. This means no one is confused on their duties and you’re both fully caught up on what needs to be done next.


Maybe you don’t want the grooms men to wear those ties or maybe he doesn’t want a certain cake. Each of you is going to want something the other isn’t interested in, but that’s life! Being willing to compromise isn’t always easy but it is a fundamental part of relationships.

Aileen Swansen

Aileen Swansen is a Visual Communications graduate from Kerry who carries out her role as Social Media Executive here at WeddingDates. She loves fashion, illustration and the occasional cupcake!

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