What Makes a Happy Marriage

What Makes a Happy Marriage

When it comes to relationships, we often find ourselves asking ‘is there some kind of secret?’ This is a question that has long eluded many couples. Divorce is not rare for us anymore and the values our grandparents held aren’t the ones we do. So what are our values? And what does a happy relationship mean to us now? Fortunately for us, The Science Behind a Happy Relationship has been recently uncovered by Happify. Here is a summary of what makes a happy marriage.

Bedroom Antics

Apparently the happiest couples manage to get down about two – three times a week. But if that’s just too much love for you, those who make love once a week have more positive feelings than those who don’t.

Praise You Like I Should

Those who celebrate good news with each other and give good feedback are considered statistically more happy.

Funny Bone

Couples who can laugh together stick together apparently. If you haven’t shared a laugh in a while, think about why.

The little guys

Unfortunate, but true; couples who have no children are likely to be happier. Oddly, this is a bit of a no brainer. Children tend to take up a lot of time, leaving love out of the equation. The good news is marriage satisfaction rose once children had left the home. Get those kids to boarding school immediately!

Check out more fun facts on marriage here:

What Makes a Happy Marriage

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