Pregnant Bride Style Tips

Pregnant Bride Style Tips

Pregnant Bride Style Tips

It seems that every celebrity who is engaged at the moment also happens to be pregnant; Mila Kunis, Scarlett Johansson, Christina Aguilera (and Drew Barrymore about a year ago) to name a few! Here are some wedding dress tips for the pregnant bride…

Comfort Comes First

This should be your main objective. If you feel comfortable, you will shine; that is just a fact! Having extra paneling, form fitting cuts and good support will give you the perfect look. Work towards your strengths and use your best features.

Explain Your Situation Before Making an Appointment

Being prepared always gives you the chance for better options. Most bridal shops have seen it all; so there’s no need to feel uncomfortable. They will be able to put aside most sizes for you this way and will be able to give you better advice when you are being fitted.

Buy a Bigger Shoe Size

And buy two to boot (see what we did there?)! If you know your feet are swelling (or could in the last few months), it may be an idea to buy two pairs – one ¬that is your actual size, and another a half size up. It might seem crazy now, but your feet will thank you on your wedding day!

Don’t Be Worried During The Final Fitting

Most bridal shops will tell you this, but sizing up is the best way to go. It usually takes four to six months to get your dress once you order it, which will mean a lot of changes for your body. Sizing charts will be of great help here and the general rule is to add one inch to your measurements for every remaining month of your pregnancy up until your big day.

Complement Rather Than Conceal

Maternity does not have to mean matronly! The right fabric can celebrate your bump rather than simply displaying it. Try for a fabric with a little stretch in it, like silk jersey or silk blends. It also may be worth checking out celebrities who are pregnant at the moment for inspiration!

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