Here are some things no one will tell you about being engaged…

Things No One Will Tell You About Being Engaged

Things No One Will Tell You About Being Engaged

So, you’ve done it! You or your significant other have decided it’s time to tie the knot. Just in time for engagement season too. For many, this experience only comes once in a lifetime but I bet you didn’t expect any of these to happen after getting engaged!

Here are some things no one will tell you about being engaged…

You have the proposal story repeated so often, you actually start reciting it in your sleep…

Really. Although you’ve told it already and it is a great story, you’ll be so sick of rattling off your lovely tale, it will simply manifest into “he asked me and I said yes.”

Everyone asks you about wedding plans, babies, horses and carriages…

You got engaged 2 days ago and people already assume you probably have your life mapped out. You MUST have your date and venue booked… SURELY! And you probably already have your kid’s names and pre-schools picked out too.

Your married friends and family all become wedding experts

If any of your friends or family have had a wedding in the last few years, expect a lot of ‘when we were planning our wedding…’ nonsense. And you were only asking how they were today…

You’ll walk around like your hand is made of precious glass

Once you have the gorgeous rock on your finger, you’ll feel like you need to guard it with your life. It’ll probably take a while to get used to a ring if you’re not the type to wear jewelry and you’ll feel like you could lose it or break it at any moment. Once you’ve knocked your hand off a wall or door you’ll realize it ain’t that fragile. But if you have home insurance, make sure to add your engagement ring to it.

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