We Love: Bridal Hair Braids

We Love: Bridal Hair Braids

Bridal hair braids are back, not that they ever really went away. Straight off the runway of last week’s New York Fashion

We Love: Bridal Hair Braids

Week, it’s official that braids are hot for spring/summer 2014. And we couldn’t be more delighted! Although braids have gotten a bit of a backlash in the last few months, we are delighted to see that the bridal hair braid is officially the cutest hairstyle you can adorn next year!

As well as being a perfect idea direction for the boho bride, it is insanely practical! Chic styles that can keep the hair out of your face is always a good plus side. From fun fishtails to elegant braided crown dos, braids are pretty and also easy to repeat with bridesmaids.

For the lazy girl, a braid is an easy way of throwing your hair together after a second day wash. As well, there’s always a second part to the look when you decide to take down your hair.

The braided crown is probably the easiest way to get a chic but fun look. If you’re looking to get the hair out of your face but want to maintain a stylish look, a braided crown with beachy waves is perfect. For those who want a little elegance, the fishtail is the way to go. For a more up-do look, give your hair a little tease for an extra lift before braiding.

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