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Band or DJ: Who Will Be Your Wedding Winner?

Are you a wedding band or DJ kind of bride? We asked industry experts Freak Music to weigh up both entertainment options so you can organise the most epic party for your guests. When it comes to choosing a wedding band or DJ, the key is to do your research. Read online testimonials, go to live gigs and performances, keep an open mind, and ultimately choose a performer that suits your style and favourite genre of music.

Pros Of Hiring A DJ

A More Affordable Price

DJs tend to be cheaper than live performers. You are only hiring a single person (in most cases) and so the costs are automatically lower than if you need a stage full of performers.

They Need Less Space To Perform

You won’t need to provide as much space in the venue for your DJ. The DJ can easily and conveniently set up in a corner with direct access to an electricity socket, whereas a band will require a much larger performance area.

You Get To Hear The Exact Songs You Want

DJs can take song requests – the songs are also exactly the ones you like, as wedding DJs tend not to play their own remixes or MC over a track (unless of course you ask them to!). You and your guests will be familiar with the music, meaning your dance floor is guaranteed to be packed all night long.

They Can Help Avoid A Lull 

As an additional bonus, your wedding DJ can also double up as a traditional master of ceremony. This means they can take care of things like announcing the cake cutting, introducing the first dance and any other special elements you might have.

Pros Of Hiring A Band

The Experience Will Be More Wholesome & Exciting

The band’s charisma, energy and personality will create a unique atmosphere at your evening celebration. They will provide a level of interaction with your guests and an element of performance that cannot be matched by a DJ.

A Band Will Gauge The Mood & Respond Accordingly

Professional wedding bands can ‘feel’ the mood and swap styles or play something that best captures the mood. In short, if something is not working, a live band can change things around and try something different.

Source A Band To Suit Your Theme

A specialty live band will be the cherry on top of your perfectly coordinated wedding theme. For example, if you are organising a vintage-themed wedding, a swing band playing 20s and 30s music will add an air of old school charm, while a ukulele performance will set a chilled vibe at a beach wedding.

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