Your Wedding Day : Some Things To Remember

Ahhh the time has finally come.! It’s the morning of your wedding day! This is such an exciting yet busy time. There will more than likely be people coming in and out of your house, a make-up artist, hairdresser and bridesmaids on hand to beautify you and of our one mother of the bride running around making sure everything is running smoothly. While you are having your hair and make-up done take a few moments to relax and make sure you remember a few things:

Overnight Bag

You should have this packed latest the night before, we you can get it out of the way a few days before the wedding than even better! Some things you might want to include are; an outfit for the day after the wedding, toiletries, underwear, lingerie and a hair straightener/curler. If you are a super organised bride you could even drop this over to the hotel the day beforehand.

Wedding Bag

Your wedding bag should just include the essentials, yet also a few emergency products. Accidents can happen! Have this ready right away in the morning so when the time comes you can grab it and go out the door!

Eat Breakfast

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. It is crucial that every bride eats a good breakfast to keep up her energy levels throughout the day. Your reception meal may not be until 4 or 5 pm and if you have not eaten that glass of champagne (or 3) will have gone straight to your head.

Don’t Worry About Little Things

You should know by now that nothing in life ever goes precisely to plan. Relax and don’t be fretting about every little thing. My guess is that if something doesn’t go to plan or something is delayed your wedding guests won’t even notice!


Although it may surprise you, this is something that wedding couples forget to do. Until they get their wedding photographs! You may not always notice them but your photographer will be there somewhere in the background looking for the opportunity to capture a perfect shot. It’s your wedding day, keep on smiling!

{Image of wife wedding card by sliceofpiedesigns on Etsy}

Levi Moriarty

Levi is a Journalism graduate from Limerick who carries out the role of Online Editor here at WeddingDates. She has a love for fashion and beauty, anything floral and is also known not to be able to resist a cupcake!

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