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A huge thank you to all at the Keavil for putting on such a wonderful wedding (and all that went ...

A huge thank you to all at the Keavil for putting on such a wonderful wedding (and all that went with it). Craig our master of ceremonies was superb throughout, able to appear completely relaxed, and in control, and a general comfort throughout.

Every person who was involved with the day has mentioned how great a time they had and how they enjoyed the Keavil. Given that a lot of the family stayed at the hotel for a couple of days, and they are of varying age groups I would expect somebody to have something minor to moan about, but it wasn't the case. Everybody loved the rooms, atmosphere, and food.

There were only 2 things we were disappointed with, the first being that a week before the big day we were advised that the hotel generally only put on one vegetarian dish for all vegetarians, which we hadn't been advised previously. We thought they had dealt with this when we said we didn't want to go back to guests to say they couldn't have what they had requested. However, it would appear on the day a random vegetarian dish was provided. Haven't asked each person, but I know a few didn't get the dish they ordered which I think even the hotel would agree looks pretty poor, from both a service and communication point of view.

The second thing we were a bit miffed at was receiving a call the day after the wedding asking about items charged to our room, which we hadn't ordered. In fairness they didn't take it any further, but still a bit awkward being asked they day after your wedding about items you know you have nothing to do with.

Apart from these two things I can honestly say the stay and wedding day was absolutely magical, and I would recommend the Keavil to everybody. Fingers crossed we get another wedding there to attend in the near future.

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