Sweet Touches For A Gay Wedding Day

Celebrate your love!!!

Your wedding day is truly one of a kind, so why not celebrate your union as a married couple with as many special details as possible that will truly represent you and your partner from start to finish! From rainbow cakes to the cutest cake toppers you could imagine, get creative with each detail of your wedding day.

Take a look at these sweet touches that we are totally loving for a gay wedding day!

A Roy G BIV cake that’s too pretty to eat!

 Jon Tan &  Pink Cake Box via Brides ,  Brian Mullins Photography via Sugarland 

A pop of bright hues underneath some classic white frosting.

Hummingbird Bakery via Metro 

Taking advantage of some quirky signage.

Jillian Rose Photography via Brides 

Bethany Michaela Photo via Brides

No place too small to add a personal touch.

ClementineWeddings via Etsy

The most adorable and personalised cake toppers.

bunnywithatoolbelt via Etsy 

A hint of rainbow hues where no one will expect it.

via Pinterest 

Getting the whole family involved!

via Pinterest

Ribbons that create a waterfall of rainbow tones!

  Clayton Austin via Green Wedding Shoes

Seat signs that are just too glam to pass up!

Clean Plate Pictures via Style Me Pretty

Explosions of colour…lierally!

Via Future Lesbian Wedding 

Colour coordinated, but personalised accessories.


Lisa Renault Photographie via Style Me Pretty 



Feature Image: Michael & Anna Costa Photographers via Style Me Pretty 

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