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My name is Barry and I own and run Beessound Disco.

I have always been interested in music and playing to the public ever since I was at school.

I started working with another DJ who catered for childrens parties and school events when I was just 16.

I then set up my own mobile disco and started working as a mobile DJ catering for 
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Weddings
  • Graduation Parties
  • Retirement Celebrations.
    Just about any celebration that anyone would like to have.
    I still do very much the same variety of parties at the age of 50.
    My music collection and vast knowledge of music and how and when to play it carries on through the years of the 60's right through to the current top 40 songs in the charts.
    All of my music is licencsed and most importantly, Clean
    this means that the music is screened so that there's no swearing in the content of any song.
    All of my equiptment is electrically PAT tested for safety and is certified, also I have PLI ,public Liability insurance which most hotels request prior to an event or booking taking place.
    My software is Licenced from the manufacturer for playing music in public and not something copied from You tube (There are other websites available) 
    I use an extensive lighting show and also carry back up equiptment just in case of any hickup.
    (Belt & Braces)
    When a customer contacts me, I go through all of the customers needs right down to the music that they don't want. After all, they want to enjoy their party/ Celebration and not be concerned with songs that may upset.
    I supply a contract to give all of my customers peace of mind that they are truly getting what they are paying their hard earned money for and not to be let down on the last minute, leaving the customer with no DJ for their party.
    I take serious pride in what I do and every customers event is treated as if it was my own, If it's not good enough for me then its not good enough for the customer.
    I attend all of my events wearing a suit to go with the occasion.
    I can be contacted almost anytime, of course within reason to discuss your requirements for your special day.


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