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Well it seems like only yesterday but actually, it was 2010 and we kept the festive spirit going by Having ...

Well it seems like only yesterday but actually, it was 2010 and we kept the festive spirit going by Having our wedding day on Dec 29th. And wow was it festive and a Dream come true. We had checked out many places to have our reception but we finally agreed to The Ballyroe Heights Hotel. Leading up to the wedding we got expert advice from The Hotel Team on how to make our day a success and we even got wined and dined some months beforehand in the form of a sample tasting menu for the big day which was fast approaching and it was delicious and we even brought along another couple on the night to make sure that our taste buds were in uniformity. Booking rooms for guests for the night was well in advance of the Wedding and even when some had to make a last minute cancellation it was not a bother to the Hotel and cost neutral to the wedding guest.
The big day finally arrived and The sun shone all day long in the middle of winter with snow on the ground it made a perfect winter wonderland for taking wedding pictures.
On entering the Hotel Foyer it looked so festive and nothing was spared in anyway to make us welcome.
Now we had our reception upstairs in the smaller room which was perfect for us but the view was breathtaking.
On sitting down at our top table we were treated once again like royalty with copious amounts of food and drink being served to a very high standard. After the meal and speech, we worked off our food by dancing the night away and followed by a Disco until the small hours of the morning. We retired to a lavish bedroom and slept in heavenly splendour knowing that our guests had an amazing experience and even today many years later when our paths cross they often talk of the great night they had in the Ballyroe Heights hotel.
Next morning we awoke to being served a lavish breakfast in bed with a bottle of champagne to go along with it. We stayed another night in the hotel and explored that beautiful part of Kerry as husband and wife.

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