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Hi all, We had our wedding at Springfort hall on June 30th this year. We chose Springfort for a lot ...

Hi all, We had our wedding at Springfort hall on June 30th this year. We chose Springfort for a lot of reasons namely, 1. Its family owned and run which is always a bonus as they take pride in it alot more, 2. It has the whole "country house" feel about it and 3. The overall team when we met them at the wedding fairs etc never pushed the hotel on us, they never knocked other hotels when we spoke to them they let Springfort hall speak for itself which it did. If you never have been in the function room for a wedding then you are missing something. It is beautiful. Its the perfect size without being too big that everyone looks scattered but cozy enough that all can sit and chat without being cramped. They are always improving the room and fairy lights were added this year to make the room even better ( i didnt think they could improve anymore). when we chose our menu their were a few things we wanted but were not on the menu. Paul the manager spoke to the chef and asked us to come back another night for a sperate tasting related to the changes we wanted. He worked with the chef to give us the the perfect deserts. This to me showed that we were not just "another wedding". He genuinely wanted us to have the perfect day. It goes without saying the food here is amazing and the numerous reviews they get on food speak for itself ( the lemon posset is probably the best i have ever tasted) All the staff are very friendly and so accomodating and I dont think there was ever a single request not dealt with. Rooms are are amazing also. We found overall the hotel was the best for our day and its a biy cliche but they do make the day run alot easier for you becuse they genuinely want your wedding day to be amazing. I never once got the feelong it was just business. Its like the pride themselves in guest leaving with smiles. Sadly thats the hardest part the leaving!!!! Overall i couldnt speak more highly of Paul, Mags Kieran and all the Springforthall staff. ITs a perfect venue run by faboulus staff and i would recommend this venue to anyone. Even the band loved it so much they kept playing past their slot because they got a great vibe there!!!!

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