Traditional Wedding Etiquette For The Modern Couple

It’s your wedding your way, but bad manners are never in style!

When it comes to wedding etiquette for the modern couple, the lines of what is and isn’t appropriate can get a little blurry. In order to maintain your own sanity, while not insulting anyone along the way, there are a few traditional tips to abide by for your big day.

Even the most modern of wedding couples should stick to these suggestions of traditional wedding etiquette…

The Announcement

This should be obvious, but don’t shout about your new engagement before you’ve called the parents and other close family members! They shouldn’t have to scroll through Facebook or Instagram to see your #ringselfie to find out the big news.

Pre-Wedding Get-togethers

as far as your engagement party, bridal shower, hen party, and any other pre-wedding related gatherings go, it’s best not to invite anyone that you don’t plan on inviting on the actual day. Just imagine their disappointment when they don’t actually receive a formal invitation to your wedding in the mail. So, be sure to take careful consideration of who your include leading up to the I do’s.


It’s customary to send out invitations six to eight weeks before the wedding. This gives your guests enough time to clear their schedules and make plans to attend your wedding day. Another polite suggestion is to not include your registry information directly on your invitation. Your wedding invites are a way to let your guests know you value their presence on your special day, not to ask for gifts. Your friends and family know that there is a pretty good chance that you’ve registered somewhere. Many brides and grooms today create their own wedding website, and this is the perfect place to include all sorts of wedding info, including your registry. Place your wedding website on an insert along with your invitation and your guests will be able to find out any details they need.

Take Care of Your Wedding Party

This is an important one. Your close friends have agreed to be part of your wedding day and it may not seem like it, but there is a lot that goes into being in the wedding party. Your bridesmaids have probably had to take time off work for dress fittings and other appointments, spend money on their dresses, shoes, fake tans, and makeup for your big day. Of course, they are happy to do it all for you but just be sure to show some appreciation and understanding throughout the process and be a good friend in return!

Feed Your Vendors

This might not be as obvious as some of the other tips, but your vendors will be working hard to pull off your perfect celebration. Treat them to a few nibbles to keep them going and thank them for their time.

Greet Your Guests

Some of your friends and family have travelled great distances to be apart of your special day, the least you could do is greet them and thank them for making it to see you walk down the aisle. They will appreciate your time and thoughtfulness, they know you have a room full of guests to say hi to, so a few kind words will go a long way.

Send Thank You Notes

I can hear my grandma’s voice as I write this one… There’s nothing better you can do than sending a thank you note to someone after the wedding. Don’t wait too long though! The sooner you write them out the easier it will be. Keep a list of who sent or gave you what so you don’t forget and end up forgetting someone. Whether it was an engagement gift, a gift sent before the wedding, or one given on the day, keep track and get it done sooner rather than later. This is not only politer but will also save you the pain of writing a load of thank you cards in a hurry later on.


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