The Unsure Bride: Booking A Band Vs A DJ

One of the most important aspects of your wedding reception is the entertainment. If you don’t want your guests falling asleep in their chairs, you better start thinking about how to get them out the dance floor.

If you’re still unsure of what type of entertainment is right for you, see these tips on booking a band vs a DJ for your wedding day…

Book a band because…

A lively band can really make an impression on your guests with the presence of band members, instruments, and the ability to create a particular energy in the room.

Depending on what type of band you choose, they might have a particular personality that enhances the overall ambiance of your reception.

If the band is able to play a special song for you, it can add more emotion and intimacy to create the perfect first dance.

Even if some of your guests don’t want to get up and dance, they can still enjoy the performance.

Rethink booking a band because…

Bands tend to be a bit more on the pricey side. So if you’re trying to save some money on your entertainment this may not be the best choice.

Bands might not be able to play as long as your guests want to party. It could be a disappointment if the party dies out if the band only agrees to play for a limited amount of time.

Even if you have a great band, chances are they might only have a limited selection of songs to play.

Book the DJ because…

A DJ with a good personality can really get your after party going, entertain your guests, and make them want to leave their slice of white cake on the table and get up and dance.

If you’re dead set on having specific songs play during your reception, you can provide your DJ with a list before the big day so he will be prepared in advance.

DJs are often far less expensive than bands. 

If you’re tight on space at your reception venue you need not worry about your DJ taking up too much room…. this means more room for dancing!

Rethink the DJ because…

If your DJ is a dud, your reception will be too. So if you do go with a DJ, you might want to see them in action first.

Some DJs play the same cliche songs over and over. So if you’re wedding falls in peak wedding season then chances are your guests will be having flashbacks to their cousin’s wedding last weekend.


The decision is yours! As long as you do your homework on what type of entertainment is best suited to your wedding day, you’re sure to be in for a memorable evening.




Image Credit: I Love You Too Via Style Me Pretty 

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