Bridal Colour Palette

Bridal Colour Palette – Finding Your Season

To everyone, there is a season! We all have our own respective colour palettes to work from that suit us best, called seasons. These seasons can also help you decide your bridal colour palette.

While this is not an exact science, certain seasonal colours will suit you best. The seasons can be divided into two tones: cool and warm. Spring and autumn are warm seasons, while summer and winter are cool. Although that doesn’t sound like it makes sense, it actually does!

Think of these seasonal colours not in terms of warmth but in terms of natural colours and how light reflects on them. The rustic browns and reds of autumn, the cool and calming shades of winter. Or the brightness of fresh flowers blooming and the bleached out effect sunlight can cast over everything in summer.

Some people can work two cool/warm seasons and some people can work every season – lucky them! Find out which season will suit your bridal colour palette best below:


Your skin has clear but warm undertone to it. Your cheeks will turn peachy when you blush! Your natural hair colour is probably a light or strawberry blonde or medium brown with golden, red or warm undertones. Your eyes are more than likely a clear blue, green, hazel or light brown. Warm but muted tones suit you well, any warm colour in a light or bright shade is stunning on you! Orange, brown or red are gorgeous as well as greys and greens with warm hue.


Cool undertones are a definite part of your skin tone. There is little contrast between your hair in skin, meaning your natural hair colour goes from a light blonde to medium brown. Your hair has cool and ashy undertones. Your eyes are most likely some shade of blue or grey; grey-blue, cool green, grey-brown, slate.
Muted and light versions of blues and greys will suit you best. Basically anything with a relatively light blue undertone will suit you nicely.


Rich undertones flow underneath your skin. Warm, rich and golden undertones describe your skin best. There is little contrast between your skin, hair and eyecolour. Your hair is just as rich, ranging from mid-brown to black, medium to deep red, always with gold or red undertones. Your eyes may be hazel, black, brown, olive or warm green. Deep red, orange, brown and olive greens are stunning against your skintone.


Your skin could have cool or olive undertones. There is a high contrast with your light skin and deep hair and eye colouring. Your natural hair ranges from ashy mid-brown to dark brown or black. Your eyes may be mid-brown, black-brown, grey-blue, clear-blue or a cool green. More intense versions of summer palettes suit you best. Deep blues, vibrant pinks, blue-greys, dark purples make your skin glow.

Not sure what your season is?

Some can immediately tell what their season should be while for others, it’s not so easy. A good way to test is by using jewellery or looking at your veins. Cool shades tend to have a blue tone to their veins while warmer seasons have green. Test your skin by placing gold (warm) or silver (cool) near it. Does your skin seem brighter under one and more dull with another?

Another great way to find out is to meet a professional personal shopper who can help you by trying on different colours. These people are experts and will be able to tell you if you are a soft (more neutral) version of a season.

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