6 Common Emotions Every Bride-To-Be Can Relate To

Seriously stressed out? Second-guessing every decision you’ve made and whether you are cut out for this wedding planning lark?

Stop right there pal. It’s okay to feel every single one of these unspoken bridal emotions…

It’s Okay… To Feel Overwhelmed

The guest list, colour swatches, the dress, the suits, contracts with venues and suppliers – AND a new wedding trend emerging every 10 minutes!! How can a girl keep up?!

Every couple goes through the initial stages of feeling overwhelmed. Organise a clear budget and planning schedule from the beginning to avoid darkness taking over your whole life.


It’s Okay… If You Don’t Enjoy Every Minute Of Planning

They say planning your wedding is the happiest time of your life. Whoever said that obviously had a million dollar budget, no full-time job and at least three personal wedding planners.

Truth is, you won’t enjoy EVERY minute. And you know what? That’s okay.

You’ll go through periods of sheer excitement, overwhelming lows, utter happiness and epic meltdowns. All mixed together.

Have a cry, tantrum or rant to your Maid of Honor – after all, that’s what she is there for.


It’s Okay… To Ask For Help

Revert back to number one – you will feel overwhelmed. A LOT. If there’s one thing planning a wedding should teach you, let it be this: It’s okay to ask for help.

Your other half, bridal party and pals will only be too happy to lend a helping hand. For the love of God, the burden and stress of planning does not need to be yours alone.


It’s Okay… To Argue With Your Fiancé

You know those seriously romantic movie scenes? The ones where the engaged couple is all loved up and going about their final wedding details such as picking out the rings?

Well, the reality can be very different for many couples. It’s totally normal to argue or disagree with your partner in the run-up to your big day. Whether it’s arranging the final seating plan or unwanted input from the in-laws, you’re guaranteed to have at least one petty row. There’s no need to have your lawyer on speed dial just yet…


It’s Okay… If You Don’t Feel Like A Bride

What does that even mean? Personally, I can’t ever imagine having this so-called bridal ‘feeling’.

Of course, you’ll have that beautiful bridal glow on the day – it would be hard not to when wearing a big white dress!

But for most of life in general, I feel like an imposing 18-year-old, pretending to have this adult stuff covered. Anyone else with me? Adulting is hard, and that’s without the pressure of planning a wedding and feigning a worldly bridal aura.


It’s Okay… If Pretty Much Everyone Annoys You

Everyone will have an input and an opinion on your big day. Your patience will be tested and literally everyone will annoy you at some stage throughout your planning process. Whether it’s one bridesmaid refusing to wear her dress or warring uncles who won’t sit next to each other at the meal, grit your teeth and just smile.

It will all be over soon, and the important part is still to come. Your journey together as a married couple.


Ciara Moore

Ciara Moore is the Blog Editor & Social Media Manager at WeddingDates HQ. Anything you want to know about weddings and what is on trend - she's your woman!

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