7 Wedding Veil Styles Explained

It’s the finishing touch…

Did you know there were so many different choices when it came to veil length and style?! I didn’t… So I’m going to give us all some helpful examples of different veils for your walk down the aisle. Afterall it seems the ensemble isn’t finished without this one last accessory!

Which one will you choose to complete your bridal look?


This eye-catching veils are typically short and reach just past the chin or are worn slightly swept to the side. Perfect for a vintage feel or even a fashion forward bride looking for an extra stylish flair.



As the name states, the shoulder length veil rests just around the bride’s shoulders, usually measuring about 20 inches in length. This is a great option for any bride looking for a more low-key option or when you really want to show off the detail of your wedding dress. Great to pair with dresses that have heavy beading or detail on the bodice. Brides should note that the placement of a shoulder-length veil can alter the length or appearance of a shoulder-length veil on the day. So, take note as to where you’d like to place it and have it fall when ordering.



The Elbow length veil is one of the most popular styles due to its compatibility with most dress styles. This veil typically measures 25 inches in length.



Similar to the elbow length veil, the fingertip veil is extremely flattering to most dress styles and hugely popular among brides. This style will measure around 40 inches in length.



For a bit more dramatic veil, opt for a waltz veil. These usually fall between the calf and ankle and are 54 to 60 inches long.



Another look that just oozes drama and glamour is the chapel veil. This style measures between 90 and 108 inches long. Perfect for a formal setting and can be paired with a more dramatic gown. With this style, it’s also important to decide on placement in your hair to see where it will fall once in place.



The longest of the veil styles, the cathedral length veil will offer any bride royal allusion for her special day. This veil type will reach past the train on most dresses and measure 120 to 144 inches long.



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