Controlling Bridesmaid

5 Tips To Help Type A Controlling Bridesmaids Chill

Maid of Honor and struggling to control your inner Monica Gellar? Well, you better toe the line lady, cos you’re going to create a serious amount of drama otherwise. Your position means you’re one of the bride’s main sidekicks in the run-up to her big day. But, that doesn’t give you a free pass to take over the whole show and cut out other members of the bridal party. Keep these tips in mind if you feel the niggling urge to control. You can thank us later.

Ask For Help & Share The Love

If you’re struggling to cope, ask for help. Don’t be ashamed -there’s plenty of tasks and duties to go around. If you’re a type A personality who likes to be in control, it’s time to let go of the reins and allow everyone to get involved.

No Room For Shady Characters

Do not, we repeat, DO NOT act shady. We all remember LC’s famous line from MTV’s The Hills. Well the other bridesmaids will forgive you for the sake of the bride, but they’re gonna want to FORGET you once the celebrations are over. So FYI, that’s a big no to stealing ideas from the other girls and passing them off as your own. And to organising secret brunches for some mandatory wedding chit chat but only inviting certain members of the bridal party. It’s just not on.

Choose Activities To Suit Everyone

While you might envision a plush five-star spa resort for the hen party weekend, be mindful that not everyone will have the same budget set aside. You’ll also have a variety of age groups to consider if the bride-to-be’s mother and her pals are attending. Consider your audience and pricing before booking accommodation and activities.

Don’t Scold Or Give Orders

This won’t go down well with anyone! Plus it’ll create unnecessary tension and a seriously bad atmosphere within the group. If you need help, ask the other bridesmaids politely and always show some appreciation. It’s a case of simple manners really.

Include Everyone On The Day

Of course, you’ll want the wedding day to run seamlessly for your bestie. Fluffing her veil every two minutes while pushing other maids out of the way to perform your duties will be very overwhelming for all involved. Give everyone assigned tasks such as bathroom duties and managing the bride’s purse and wedding gifts. Take a step back to avoid offending anyone or even worse, ruining precious moments between the happy couple during the ceremony.


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