Cosmetic Dentistry For Brides

Cosmetic Dentistry For Brides

Cosmetic Dentistry For Brides

Your wedding day will be a huge milestone and one of the happiest days of your life. So naturally that will mean a lot of smiles and photos! For some, their smile may be the cause of a little embarrassment or shyness. Our friends at TeethWise encounter a lot of couples conscious of their smiles and have revealed the most popular dental treatments…

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening is the most popular procedure for brides. When it comes to whitening you can have it done by a dentist or purchase a home whitening kit. Whilst it is more expensive to have it done in clinic dentists are allowed to use far stronger bleaching agents, better safety precautions and will achieve better results. In clinic whitening procedures may require several trips to the dentist and you should start looking into 2 months before your wedding. Be warned whitening involves the use of peroxide and can be uncomfortable if you have sensitive teeth. If you have sensitive teeth it is advisable to start the treatment earlier as you should be using a lower strength-bleaching agent.


More and more brides are enquiring about veneers these days. Veneers can be very useful to cover damaged teeth but be warned veneers may result in your teeth outshining your wedding dress. Veneers are a porcelain laminate that are placed over your teeth and are popular with reality stars and TV personalities. They require a tiny film of enamel to be shaved off your tooth, which is then replaced by the veneer. You should begin talking to your dentist about veneers 3 months before your wedding but be careful that the shade used is not too white.

Short Term Orthodontics

There are an increasing number of short-term orthodontic systems available to patients these days. Short term orthodontic systems work quickly by providing a cosmetic fix and focusing on your prominent teeth. A lot of the systems are difficult to detect by others. Often they are removable which gives the wearer more freedom. Also they are fast acting so they can have an effect in as little as six months. Popular short-term orthodontic systems include Invisalign which uses clear removable trays to straighten and realign teeth. Six Month Smiles is another popular system. These do involve wires being fixed to your teeth but are fast acting and can work in (as the name suggests) six months. If short term orthodontics is something you are interested in, it’s best to talk to your dentist a year in advance or pretty soon after you’ve picked a date.

Hopefully this guide is helpful is you are considering teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry for your wedding. Talk to your dentist and they will give more information about all the cosmetic fixes available to help improve the appearance of your smile.

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