El Scorchio: 10 Summer Wedding Essentials To Combat Extreme Heat

If you’re dreaming of a stunning outdoor wedding…

We’ve got just the thing for you minus the sticky clothes, running make-up and blazing heat

Just follow our 10 step guide below and you can enjoy your dream summer wedding…

Decorative Pitchers

And we’re not talking about the snap-happy kind. Instead of passing out a glass of delicious champers for all your guests on arrival, instead offer pitchers of fruit infused ice-water. It will work wonders for your guests on your big day, reducing their body temperature and allowing them to settle down in style while you and your handsome groom exchange vows. Top Tip: Add some fruit like mango or watermelon to add a splash of flavour…yummy!

Ditch the liquid liner and foundation

If you want to avoid constant trips to the bathroom to re-arrange your make-up, ditch the liquid products and go with a powder-based choice. It’ll work wonders for your face and save time and energy all round! Alternatively, you can hire a professional who’ll ensure your make-up is sweat, tear and event water proof free(count us in!)

Misting station and fan selection

How good would your guests feel to be lightly cooled by drizzles of water during the hot outdoor ceremony? Eternally grateful we’d imagine. Even better, the misting station will cover the range of your guests, ensuring a content and smiling crowd (woohoo!) Alternatively, you can use a fan or two if you want to keep it minimal. Fans are an ideal buy for an outdoor wedding as they cool down your guests in a reliable and consistent manner, blowing cool air on their backs and necks. Top tip: Decorate your fan with spray paint or accessories so that it fits in with the rest of your wedding decor!


Have a decorative basket full of travel sized sunscreens to offer to your guests! This is a must-have for any outdoor wedding as it prevents both you and your guests from getting burnt on your big day!


Delicious Ice-cream scoops

What better a way to cool down you and your guests than with a selection of delicious and mouth-watering soft scoops. For an after dinner treat, whip out the raspberry ice-cream and your guests will thank you for hours!

Cool accessories

When your guests arrive and it’s scorching outside… you should definitely offer them some cool accessories! Whether it’s a fan or a hat, your guests should be able to feel some relief from the sweltering heat for a few hours! Plus, they’ll look ultra stylish and chic in all the wedding photos. A win-win really!

Bring out the Sunnies

Trendy sunglasses are an abso- must at any outdoor wedding! They’ll protect your guests eyes, prevent them from wincing during the exchange of your vows and they’ll ensure a trendy gathering in tow of your ceremony!

Floral Parasols

That’s right, your guests should be allowed take shelter under a pretty floral parasol to avoid the sun beating down on their heads throughout the ceremony! Incorporating the floral element with your wedding yet keeping the crowd happy, it’s a must-buy to prevent a sticky feeling crowd drenched from El Scorchio!

Cool Packs

Make sure to have a bunch of cool packs ready for your guests on arrival for ultimate cooling! Stock up on chilled towels, bug spray and decorative hand fans. Top Tip: Add in a pair of flip-flops for ultra comfort and your guests will be on their toes and ready to dance all through the night!

Dress Accordingly

Outdoor weddings require a lot of planning! So try and let your guests know in advance what kind of climate and weather they’ll be dealing with. The hotter the weather, the lighter the bride and bridesmaids dress fabric should be! Plus, they can then arrive with a cardi or jumper for the evening if it gets cool enough that they’ll know in advance to layer up.


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