Embrace your Bridesmaids

Embrace Your Bridesmaids

Embrace your Bridesmaids

Your lifelong friend, your sister, your college housemate or whoever you choose to have as your bridesmaids; they clearly mean the world to you. They were there for you that time ‘he who shan’t be named’ stood you up AND the time you spent all your money on ‘those’ shoes and needed to borrow from them. They have been there for you through thick and thin, just like you have seen them through the good times and the bad.

Your bridesmaids are the ladies nearest and dearest to you, so WHY do some brides sometimes insist on putting them into the most unsuitable dresses!?
We have good news though, the times they are a-changing! Bridesmaids are becoming a more influential part in wedding events. Bridesmaids are being given creative freedom and having their opinions heard when picking the bridal party frocks.

New Bridesmaid Trends

Different Styles

Some brides would prefer a uniform approach with all bridesmaids in the same dress. However, with recent trends some bridesmaids are choosing whatever dress they want, within reason, of course. If bridesmaids choose their own outfits, they often feel better and more themselves. A compromise between these two options could be to choose the same dress for all bridesmaids, but let them personalise and alter their dresses to suit their personalities.

Embrace your Bridesmaids

Different Colours

Bridesmaid’s dresses are a great way to either expand or emphasise your colour palette. Couldn’t decide between turquoise and lilac… HAVE BOTH! If you provide your bridesmaids with colour guidelines, they can complement your wedding theme and décor. Many brides have been trying a gradient effect, with fabulous results.

Embrace your Bridesmaids

Find out even more advice using this cool Infographic to pick the perfect bridesmaid dresses.


Bridesmaid Hangers via Lover.ly

Dresses via The Wedding Shoppe

Pastel Dresses via Etsy 


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