Not Your Average Guestbook

Classic guestbooks are out!

Everything detail at your wedding should make you smile! So, why not think outside of the box when it comes to your wedding guestbook too. After all, are you really going to look back through a boring old book of names to see who came to your wedding? Probably not! There are so many creative options to get your family and friends signatures. From silly snapshots to words of wisdom, your guests won’t want to miss out on putting their name down on these unique momentoes to celebrate your big day.

Capture the Moments

Carrie King Photographer via Style Me Pretty

For the globetrotters

Laurel McConnell Photography via Style Me Pretty 

A word of advice

Coffetti Day Dreams 


A recipe for love

Carlie Statsky via Style Me Pretty


For the game lovers

Jill Doty Photography via WeddingChicks 

Leave a mark

Louise Bjorling via English Wedding

Putting the pieces together

 Connor Studios via ModWedding

A barrel of love

Carlie Statsky via Style Me Pretty 

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