The Happily Ever After: 4 Essential Tips For A Happy Marital Home

After the dust has settled on a manic wedding, after the thank-you cards have been sent out to your guests and the honeymoon has passed, the happily-ever-after begins. To make your newlywed nest a happy home for years to come, you’ll need to follow a few tips to help things go swimmingly.

This post will provide exactly that, paving the way to marital bliss in a few easy steps, focusing on interior design as a means to create a harmonious home for whatever the future holds for you and your spouse.

Make room for the both of you

If you’ve not yet cohabited as a couple, you might find yourselves stepping on each other’s toes more often than not. This can lead to some seriously silly arguments – something that should be avoided at all costs.

The solution to this is to design your home with both of you in mind. So, if one of you has a burgeoning craft hobby, make sure there’s plenty of room for those kinds of activities – and if one partner is a keen cyclist, make sure to find a convenient place to store the bike alongside other equipment. This can be scaled to suit any combination of hobbies, but the result is a home that’s optimised for two people’s lifestyles, while simultaneously serving as a cosy couple’s nest.

Ramp up the cosiness

Especially relevant as the nights draw in and the days grow colder, this step should be viewed as an essential. From cosy throws to indulgent, shaggy rugs, adding plenty of warm, cosy touches to your newlywed nest will make box-set binges much more than a simple weeknight routine.

Cosiness can extend to the bathroom, too. Upgrade your shower area to include an opulent new shower head and a heated towel rail to make even the most bleary-eyed morning showers a treat.

Nobody wants to live in a bare, spartan home, especially as newlyweds – so it’s well worth focusing on comfort and cosiness as a priority before taking on bigger projects.

Tackle big decisions together

The time comes in most homeowners’ lives when they think about a large-scale home overhaul. Whether it’s a conservatory, an open-plan kitchen or a new floor, decisions on such big projects need to be made together to avoid conflict.

Cooperation is key to creating a home that will grow alongside you and your possible future family, so make sure there’s a splash of each of your individual styles in the mix, to ensure your home truly reflects who you both are.

Create a warm kitchen

It’s a cliche, but most cliches have a grain of truth: the kitchen really is the heart of the home, and it can be the centre of your marital home life with a few key upgrades. A fresh set of tiles and some new, time-saving appliances such as a soup or bread maker will transform a bog-standard culinary space into an area ripe for experimentation.

A functional kitchen can also lead to you hosting glitzy dinner parties as a couple – a fairly cliched staple of married life, but a lot of fun nonetheless!

Image: Unsplash

So, take these tips on board and keep an open mind about cohabiting as a married couple, and long-term bliss will surely come your way.




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Moosa Adam works at 1 Click Bathrooms, the UK’s online one-stop shop that helps homeowners build their dream bathroom piece by piece.

Feature Image: Scott Webb on Unsplash

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