Jeena + Clint: A Relaxed & Romantic Wedding Day

This outdoor ceremony will have you dreaming of a summer wedding…

With warmer weather on the way, Jeena and Clint’s wedding is just what we needed to spark the perfect inspiration for an intimate outdoor wedding day. The bride’s simple yet chic dress matched the gorgeous green surroundings and simply romantic setting. The day was full of love and laughter, as you can see from the couples gorgeous photos, and even had a cake made out of cheese!

Take some sweet summer inspiration from Jeena and Clints relaxed, romantic wedding day.

The Beginning

“We met like many couples meet, in a nightclub. Clint may have been at a slight advantage in the fact that the club was on a boat in the middle of the ocean as we were on a ten-day Christmas cruise around the South Pacific with our respective families. It also took Clint nine of the ten days before he approached me.”

The Proposal

“Clint proposed on one knee in the small village of Farfa, situated just outside of Rome, overlooking the olive groves. We had spent the day in a neighbouring village, Toffia, enjoying a day of Italian flavoured cooking lessons and sightseeing.”

Relationship Advice

“We are far from experts and are always learning (mainly from the mistakes along the way). Humour goes a long way, being able to make each other laugh is important to us. Keep flirting, things can soon become routine so always try to keep the mischief. Understand and respect each other’s differences. Remember that you don’t always have to like each other to love each other.”

The Dress

“I wanted a wedding gown that was simple and elegant and was not the traditional white. Visiting several bridal shops, I realised I was going to have trouble finding off the shelf dresses that would fit so began to look for Australian designers and I found Joanna Johnson.”

The Wedding Theme

“We wanted a simple, intimate and natural style. We had a number of DIY items. The table centrepieces were made by us, we simply bought some glass bowls and green stones then added some colourful plants. We made a cheese tower with 4 different cheese wheels, the cheese board was made from an offcut from a tree stump. This was further decorated with native flora, nuts and fruit.” 

Special Moments

Jeena – First dance as husband and wife.

Clint – seeing my wife “to be” in her wedding gown for the first time.

Bridal Tips

“The day is unbelievably busy and goes so quick that you have to remember to enjoy it. Don’t sweat the small stuff and go with the flow.”

Ally Vogl

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