Light Up For Love: Katrina & Leigh's Sparkling Wedding Day

It’s a love story that everyone dreams of!

Katrina and Leigh have been together through it all! After meeting for the first time during high school, the two have been an inseparable duo ever since. Katrina’s wedding advice? Stuff the budget! Looking back the two think there were some areas for improvement, but we think their day was perfect as is. From Katrina’s swoon worthing ballgown to the pyrotechnics lighting the dancefloor, it seems the two planned quite the celebration of their love.

Don’t miss the gorgeous details of Katrina and Leigh’s wedding day…

The Beginning

This sweet pair has been together through thick and thin, as Katrina explains, “We met during year 11 at high school!”

The Proposal

“He proposed on my 25th birthday with breakfast in bed and wrote me a love letter, read it out and asked me on one knee.”

The Dress

“I wanted something modern without all the “frills”  and hallmarks of being a wedding dress. As soon as I had it on that was it, clean, crisp and unique.”

The Vision

“I envisioned a winter wonderland with a pop of colour. Silver, purple and deep pinks were my choice.”

Favourite Moments 

“The first dance with my husband, I’ve never been so overwhelmed with love in that one moment, I just wanted to stay like that all night!”

Changes Or Advice

“Stuff the budget! We didn’t have all the luxe elements because of it and we look back and think we should have done this…remember, this is your day! Don’t let people overshadow it and take over decisions.”

Ally Vogl

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