Makeup throughout the decades

Makeup Throughout The Decades

With Baz Luhrmann’s directorial interpretation of the classic 1920’s novel The Great Gatsby still fresh in our minds, our thoughts have turned to other famous decades and in particular the makeup styles that have come to be associated with them.

Flapper girls, jazz, dancing the Charleston and Daisy Buchanan came to define the 1920’s, an era referred to as the Roaring Twenties because of the economic boom and social changes that took place following the war. The makeup of the time mirrored this change, with women shunning the demure Gibson Girl image of the pre-war period in favour of a dramatic look that reflected the new, racy mass culture.

Cosmetics were used to create a very specific look: lips painted to give the appearance of a strong cupid’s bow, bold brows Cara would have been be proud of, kohl-rimmed eyes and cheeks brushed with bright red blush.

Makeup throughout the decades

To recreate the look for a more modern feel, pair a deep plum or ox-blood red lip with a softer eye. Use your shadow to create a dark wash of colour across the lid, and blend the colour out into your crease. If in doubt just keep blending…think Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

If makeup alone will not suffice in your quest for 1920’s glamour, check out our Roaring Dance Party. Our dance instructors will teach you all the essential moves to put on your own energetic exhibition of 20’s decadence and glamour…you’ll be channelling Daisy Buchanan in no time!

Makeup throughout the decades

In the 1950s makeup had changed drastically. Hollywood stars like Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe were not only screen sirens but beauty icons for women around the world and their signature looks defined an era.

The classic look consisted of pale, even skin, cheeks gently rouged, peachy pink lips with the natural border of the lips extended with lip liner, a little eye shadow, and masses of mascara. But it was the lips, women were told, that trapped a man, and most lipstick names implied cool seduction. A memorable advertisement from Hazel Bishop for her smudge-proof lipstick held the slogan, ‘It stays on YOU…not on Him!’, the sales of which reached $10,100,682 in 1953!

Makeup throughout the decades

This tells us that if you’re looking to recreate the signature makeup, you will definitely be in need of lipstick. If there was a colour for a period of time, pink would most certainly represent the 1950’s, so pair your dark fluttery lashes with a pink lip a la Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

The 1960’s did not witness a complete revamp but continued the makeup trends established in the 50’s, but with one difference…pastels.

London led the way with the “mod” look, the love for bold geometric patterns and black and white, which was mirrored in the makeup of the time. White eyeshadow with black eyeshadow in the crease was the signature look, with 60’s It girl Twiggy sporting it on the cover of numerous magazines. It was all about the eyes, so use a grey, green or blue matte eye shadow all over the lid, line your top lash line with a liquid liner and make a flick at the outer edge. False eyelashes were the fashion accessory of the 60’s, and fashion savvy women wore them everyday. Some even wore two sets. Keep the rest of your face understated, with a subtle blush or contour and a nude lip.

At Polestars our most popular classes are our Vintage Makeup and Photoshoot party , so if you don’t feel up to the challenge of recreating these looks, let one of our extremely talented makeup artists do the work for you for the perfect night out.

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Aileen Swansen is a Visual Communications graduate from Kerry who carries out her role as Social Media Executive here at WeddingDates. She loves fashion, illustration and the occasional cupcake!

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