The Pros and Cons Of Having A Mid-Week Wedding

Is a Mid-Week Wedding right for you?

If you’re looking to save on your wedding venue or you’re just dead set on a specific date, planning a mid-week wedding day could be the right choice for you. Of course, opting to have your special celebration in the middle of the week does have a few pros and cons.

Take a look at this list and decide for yourself.

Pro:  Your venue booking fee should be significantly lower. Venues typically have much higher demand on weekend days, meaning they can charge higher prices. If you’re over the moon for one specific location and don’t mind moving your date to the middle of the week, you could save a ton!

Con: Planning a wedding during the week can lead to a lower guest turnout. Some friends or family may have to do some travelling or request time off work making it a little more difficult to pick up and leave in the middle of the week.

Pro: If you plan a Thursday wedding, your close friends and family may want to stick around for a long weekend. This way, you can plan a day two celebration with all that money you’ve saved or just spend some extra quality time with loved ones.

Con: Hotel can get busy during mid-week if there are conventions of large conferences going on. To avoid surprises, be sure to ask in advance. This sort of events can also make it difficult for your guests to book a room.

Pros: Speaking of rooms, room rates also tend to be lower during mid-week saving both you and your guests.

Con: Although you may be saving big on your venue and some suppliers when booking a middle of the week date, know that some suppliers will still charge the same amount. For example, your cake and floral arrangements will be charged at a normal rate because you are paying to the goods (flowers or cake ingredients!) and the manpower it takes to create and transport them.

Pros: If you’re the sentimental type, you can plan your big day on a date that’s meaningful like a first date or anniversary.

Con: You might be so overwhelmed by the lower costs associated with a mid-week wedding date that you’ll have a hard time choosing between venues or suppliers. (could you tell I was running out of cons?! 😂)

Pro: Now that you’ve saved money on your venue, hotel booking, and suppliers, you’ll have some extra leftover to spend on those special touches or your dream honeymoon.



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