6 Details To Remember When Planning A Barn Wedding

So you’ve decided on a barn wedding?

Well, before you get to the decorations and DIY there are a few important details to keep in mind as you choose your perfect barn wedding venue. From outdoor bathrooms to sound restrictions, it’s possible that you haven’t thought of everything that goes into planning a barn wedding. So before you start, be sure to consider these crucial details for planning a barn wedding…


Many barns aren’t equipped with enough electricity to host a big wedding bash. So brides and grooms planning a barn wedding may have to shell out a few extra pounds for a generator or two to power the party through the night.


It may be an easy detail to overlook, but do not forget about bathrooms!!! Given their age and original intended use, most barns will not have fully fitted bathrooms or indoor plumbing installed. So, portable bathrooms will be an absolute necessity. Again, this will be an extra cost to add to the budget while planning.


It should come as no surprise that most barns aren’t fully functional rental spaces. They’re going to need a few extra additions like tables, chairs, a bar setup and maybe more depending on your needs for the day.


Interior spaces can be limited in barns. If you’re planning an intimate wedding day then no troubles here. But, if your guest count is soaring, you may have difficulties finding a barn big enough to contain the festivities. While browsing for the perfect barn keep in mind that in addition to friends and family the room will be filled with tables, chairs and other bits that could create a tight space.


Barns will get cold! Without a fully functional temperature control system, you and your guests could get a little chilly. Depending on the season you might need to think about details to make your guests more comfortable like blankets, space heaters or fans.

Rules & Restrictions

Like other privately owned venues, it’s likely that your barn will have a set of rules and regulations that need to be followed. Don’t forget to ask about insurance, licensing and guidelines when it comes to catering equipment, outdoor fires or heaters and access to the grounds. Your party might even have a curfew or set time when the volume needs to be turned down. You don’t want your wedding shut down before the fun even begins so don’t forget to ask about these important rules.


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