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At WeddingDates, we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to hear any and all proposal stories. They are heart warming opportunities to share a special moment in a couples relationship. We have rounded up some proposals that have made the news from all over the world… Enjoy!

Romance in the Alps

Viral Wedding Proposals & Engagements

An Australian man pulled off a huge marriage proposal in the French Alps! Jack Stevenson proposed to his partner of three years, Millie Weeks in front of a crowd of about 70 close friends and family during a trip through Europe.

Stevenson said that he had told Millie that they were going up to the top of the mountain for a “massive” group photo. The whole event was filmed on camera by close friend Kade Greenland and shows the group of friends dressed in retro coloured onesies while displaying letters making the words “Will you marry me? Millie?”

A Proposal From The Future!

The heartwarming video shows an oblivious girlfriend digging up a time capsule in Kelowna, Canada, completely unaware that it contains a ring box – and that her boyfriend is about to get down on one knee.

In the footage, the group of friends are seen creating their own time capsule ready to bury in the ground.

And finally…

Dad enlists Son’s Help

In the video, the young boy, whose name is Kristian, hands his dad’s girlfriend a small parcel as they sit on a mountainside, apparently in Norway.

“A gift for you,” says the child, in what turns out to be the simplest preamble to a proposal ever committed to video.

The woman slowly unwraps the parcel, which contains a ring attached to a plastic Battlestar Galactica toy.

“Will you marry my dad?” says Kristian, on cue.

Is someone chopping onions? This is all just too cute!

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