9 Questions You Should Ask A Potential Wedding Band

After choosing the perfect venue, the band is often the second most sought-after wedding supplier for many couples. The evening’s music can make or break your celebration, so it’s best to nab your favourite entertainment to be ahead of the game.

But, there are a few questions you should always ask a potential wedding band before signing on the dotted line…

Have You Previously Played At Our Venue?

This is a really important one to ask. The band will need to have a working idea of the layout of your venue. This way they can determine the best position to set up their equipment, they will be familiar with the hotel’s standard wedding day schedule and if they need to bring extra supplies on the night such as extension leads and lighting. If they have not played at your venue before and are not willing to speak with the team or take a look around beforehand, this may not be the band for you.

Do You Have Any Up-Coming Performances We Can Attend?

It’s always a good idea to ask a close friend or perhaps some of bridal party to attend a gig ahead of officially booking your date. This way you can get a feel for the band and how they interact with the audience. Most importantly, your pals can give their valued opinion to ultimately help make your decision.

What Style Is Your Music?

Does the band primarily play jazz and vintage style Gatsby numbers, or are they more fast-paced and energetic? For example, it would make no sense to hire a rugged rock group if you are dreaming of a romantic slow sway to Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud for your first dance as a married couple.

How Many Hours Will You Play?

It’s wise to ink this condition into your contract from the off. Set out exactly what time the band will start and finish, this way there will be no surprises. If the band plays over their set time, always ask if there is an extra cost involved.

Can Our Guests Request Songs?

Wedding guests are notorious for submitting a few cheeky song requests as the alcohol flows. There’s always the stereotypical aunt who wants to groove to Abba’s Dancing Queen or the groom’s best mate from university who wants to get all the lads on the floor for a rendition of ACDC’s Highway To Hell.

Will The Lead Singer Play Our Wedding?

This may seem like a silly question, but it really is an essential one to ask. Just because the lead singer appears in all the bands music videos, does not mean they will necessarily play at your wedding. If the lead singer is a deal-breaker for you, it’s best to get this in black and white on your contract too.

What Happens If A Member Is Sick On The Day?

In case of an unforeseen emergency, ALWAYS ask for the band’s back-up plan on the evening. What happens if the lead singer is struck down with the flu or sore throat? Will there be a replacement for him or her? Or does the band have a reliable network of similar acts who may agree to fill in on the night?

Do You Take Breaks?

What will happen if the band needs a well-deserved break? Will they have an automatic playlist on standby, or will the party come to an abrupt and awkwardly silent halt? Ask how many breaks they take at a standard wedding and how long each will be. It’s also good etiquette to arrange some food and drinks for the players on your behalf.

Can We Submit A Playlist?

It’s important that the evening’s music reflects your wedding theme and you as a couple. Most bands will allow you to create a rough playlist of your all-time favourite songs to ensure you fully enjoy the set. It’s also worthwhile to remember; these guys are the experts. They know how to get the dance floor rocking and will guide you as best they can with your song choices.

Image Credit: by Tec Petaja Photo via Style Me Pretty.

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