Red For Good Luck: Jason + Mei, Blending Traditions For The Perfect Day

It was a wedding day truly unlike any other…

With a hint of red for good luck and a tartan kilt, Jason and Mei created the perfect blend of Chinese heritage with a touch of Scottish style. The joyful celebration was filled with emotion, time-honoured traditions, and moments of laughter, as family and friends gathered together to celebrate the union of the happy couple.

The Beginning

“Mei and I met through mutual friends in Reading and quickly realised we shared the same values and enjoyed each other’s company. Mei was working in finance for an insurance company and I was working as a project manager for a renewable energy company.”

The Proposal

“We took a break to the Lake District. I dragged Mei up Wansfell (hill) just outside of Ambleside which overlooked Lake Windermere. I had planned to propose to Mei at the top of the hill, however there was a horde of excited teenagers running about at the top so it put me off. We found a quieter spot on the other side of the hill and had a picnic. After the picnic Mei was keen to continue our walk but I was trying to delay her as I was plucking up the courage to propose, which I did and the rest is history. We did however attract the attention of some over curious sheep who appeared to want to witness the occasion.”

The Ceremony

“We had a registrar named Caroline Francis who was very professional, she had everything under control. My favourite moment was when Mei entered the room with her entourage. I was surprised at how emotional I felt as I’m not really someone who gets emotional, it really came out of nowhere.”

The Venue

“It was Mei’s favourite place that we had seen. It was a very elegant and classy venue which suits her character. I had quite liked an old rustic barn beforehand, which I suppose sums up my character. In the end the venue we chose was the right one.”

“The venue was an old stately home, it had a great entrance hall and staircase. The ceremony room was very well lit with large windows running down both flanks. The room with the wedding breakfast had large windows all along the southern end overlooking the grounds. We had a dry and bright day which really helped us enjoy everything.”

“Mei had put a lot of thought into the table decorations for the meal and it just looked great. Mei’s niece Lilly wrote all of the place names on pebbles gathered from Rotherslade beach in South Wales where Mei grew up.”

The Photographer

“Masha was brilliant from start to finish, we knew what to expect from her well before the day. She made the process very easy, she knew what pictures she wanted and how to get them, we cannot recommend her highly enough. We loved her artistic style and are very pleased with the outcome.”


“Mei is of Chinese heritage so we performed a tea ceremony for our elders. Tradition dictates that we pour tea for them and then they gift us a red envelope. Mei also wore a red dress for this part of the wedding as red signifies good luck in Chinese culture.”

Wedding Attire

“Mei wore a beautiful white dress with a veil for the wedding ceremony. I am Scottish on my mother’s side so I decided I could wear a kilt, as did the best man and my two brothers. It was a real mix of tradition and heritage.”

Special Moments

“The first dance was pretty special, we were the centre of attention for a few minutes. One bit that sticks in my mind was when we were about to cut the cake, I joked that it wasn’t a real cake and was in fact a plastic cake just for show. What I hadn’t anticipated then was all the kids prodding the cake with their fingers to see if I was telling the truth. The cake was of course real and I quickly had to confess my lie to save the cake, I think I recall a glare!”

“I also really enjoyed the best man’s speech and Mei’s nieces and nephew sang and performed ‘Dear Future Husband’ which went down really well.”

“It was just a very special day with some great memories. It was fantastic to have our loved ones with us, they all had a great time.”


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