Seasonal Summer Flowers For A Blooming Bouquet

You’re in for a burst of colours with seasonal summer flowers!

If you’re looking to represent your wedding date with more than just your decor, including seasonal florals is the perfect option. You’ll really bring our the character of the magical summer months as you include bold and bright tones to your bridal bouquet and other floral elements. From playful snapdragons to showstopping sunflowers, there’s simply no shortage to the happy combinations you can put together with these summer blossoms.

Now, the difficult part..which ones will you choose?!  Looking for a florist? See our supplier listings here.


via The Knot 

Yellow Gerbera

Anna Kuperberg via Style Me Pretty

Oncidium Orchid


 Angela Higgins via 100LayerCake


via Amy Butler

Spider Chrysanthemum

Jackie Wonders via Loverly


Alisa Ferris via Style Me Pretty

Purple Alstroemeria

via FiftyFlowers


Via PassionEventos

Matsumoto Aster

seedsshop via Etsy


Mademoiselle Fiona via Style Me Pretty


Werner Straube via Traditional Home

Bells of Ireland

Katherine Miles Jones  via SouthernWeddings

Green Trick

Ingman Photography via Style Me Pretty

Green Hydrangea

Grise Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs

Green Rose

via Pinterest


Kay Maguire Richmond Photographer via Gardner’sWorld

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