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Things a Maid of Honour Should Never Do

Earning the title of Maid of Honour is definitely a great moment for any best friend or sister. Not only does it mean that your bride pretty much trusts you with her life, but it means that she also wants to share a huge milestone with you! But often, even unknowingly, a bridesmaid may end up doing some things that instead of help wedding planning, may actually slow them down. Here are some things a maid of honour should never do…


Okay, so you don’t like your dress or one of the other bridesmaids isn’t pulling her weight; it happens! Complaining may seem like the gut reaction to go with but instead, keep your emotions in check. Remember that any stress you feel is very little compared to the stress of your bride. And instead of thinking in the moment, remember that your future relationship may suffer over these possible arguments.

Taking on all of the work

Often in a group project, it can quickly turn into one or two people taking on the majority of the work. This may be because of lack of communication or simply because not everyone is willing to share the tasks evenly. Delegate the tasks given to you reminding your fellow bridesmaids that it’s for the bride.

Weigh in on Decision Making

Your opinion is obviously important and valued but when it comes to planning, it’s best to leave it out. For some reason, everyone loves to give their two cents on someone’s wedding and this is of course an overwhelming feeling for any couple. Instead of adding to the noise, defend your bride’s decisions and remind her often that it’s her wedding! Then remind her that she doesn’t need to make everyone happy on the day and their happiness as a couple is most important.

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