'Up' Inspired Wedding Anniversary Photo Shoot

'Up' Inspired Wedding Anniversary Shoot

We were perusing the blog archives and came across this absolute beauty of a blog. Originally published on WeddingDates in December 2013, we had to bring this ‘up’ again (excuse the pun)! This has to be my favourite Throwback Thursday. Go on, try to make it through this post without smiling. Cute alert…

"Up" Inspired 61st Anniversary Wedding Photos

This may be the best story you will hear in a long time; a couple celebrates their 61st anniversary by taking the wedding photos they never had. On their actual wedding day, their photographer never showed up, leaving them with just one wedding photo. So this year, the two decided that it was time for some professional photos.

"Up" Inspired 61st Anniversary Wedding Photos

As well as being the cutest thing you may see today it is probably the coolest; the two decided the theme would be the animated movie, “Up”, complete with some colourful balloons.

"Up" Inspired 61st Anniversary Wedding Photos

According to the original post from Lauren Wells Events, the couple are “the very best of friends” and have never taken off their rings.

"Up" Inspired 61st Anniversary Wedding Photos

We have to admit to getting a little teary eyed over this one, it’s so sweet to see a reminder of what happens after the wedding day!

Source: laurenwellsevents.com | Photography: cambriagrace.com (via)

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