Tips to Save on Your Wedding Budget

Planning your wedding can have it’s ups and downs. In the beginning, it can be difficult to have  a full grasp on what to expect from your pricing and budget. Hidden costs can appear from no where which can add unnecessary stress to your wedding. There are a few ways to keep the costs down without sacrificing on the finer details. It is, after all, your wedding day and it should be what you’ve wished for and more!

Use Your Skills 

Often your own personal resources can save you a lot of money and make your wedding more special! If you’re an arts and crafts person, consider making your invites wedding stationery. Is your partner or friend in an amazing band? Don’t be afraid to ask them! They’ll be happy to help out on your big day and it will surely make the night more special!

Guest List

It may seem harsh but, you can’t invite everyone to your wedding. Double check your list and see if that old college friend that you never get around to Skyping should still be on the list. Or, why not compromise and ask them to come after the sit down meal?

Reply Cards and Invites

Ask yourself if you really need a reply card in your invite? Why not give people the option of emailing or phoning you instead? Set up a dedicated email account to keep track of your guest list.

Mid-Week Wedding

A well used trick, most people have now realised that Saturday and bank holiday weekends are hugely expensive times to get married. Being very flexible with your wedding date could mean saving a lot on your venue. Many are considering Fridays as an option as it still gives people the weekend to relax. Talk through your best options with your wedding venue for the best prices on dates.

DIY Centre Pieces 

If you’re planning a rustic themed wedding, DIY table decor can be fantastic looking at a wedding. Again, recruit your arty friend to come with ideas for candle holders etc.

What tips have you found recently? Share it with your fellow brides to be!

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