Wedding Dress Shopping

10 Crucial Rules To Remember When Wedding Dress Shopping

Life or Death – wedding dress shopping is stressful enough without making these mistakes.

Make An Appointment

Don’t assume that you can just walk into the bridal shop and browse through their stock. Many boutiques run by appointment only, offering one-to-one slots so their undivided attention is on the bride-to-be. Always ring beforehand to avoid any disappointment.

Style Your Hair & Wear Make Up

Every woman can relate to this one. Trying on clothes in a shop fitting room when you aren’t feeling your best can be a soul-destroying experience. Of course you will want shopping for your wedding dress to be a positive experience. So why not go all out for the occasion with a spot of pre-pampering? A bit of tan and make up will instantly perk you up, giving you a full idea of how you will look on the big day itself.

Don’t Judge The Dress On The Hanger

Hands up if you can hear your mom’s voice berating you for judging a book by it’s cover!? Well, the same goes when fitting on a wedding dress. While it’s good to have a clear idea of what you’re looking for, it’s the gown that you may never have dreamed of trying that will surprise you. Be open to new options.

You Don’t Need To Bring The Whole Bridal Party

Heck, we’ve all seen Say Yes To The Dress! Ain’t nobody got time for the disastrous consequences of bringing the whole troop with you. Bringing all your bridesmaids, your mom and the mother-of-the-groom is only asking for trouble. Everyone will have different opinions and some will want their voice heard more than others. Keep your supporters to a minimum; those who know your style and will give you honest feedback. If you are a solo shopper, that’s okay too. There are no rules saying you can’t search for your wedding dress alone and reveal ‘the one’ to your main ladies at your final fitting.

Trust The Bridal Consultant

The shop’s sales advisors will have a wealth of knowledge and experience helping bewildered brides-to-be on a daily basis. Don’t get peeved with their suggestions, there’s usually a good reason why they are showing you dresses that don’t match your specifications. Remember, these are the professionals. They will use their expertise to judge your skin tone, body shape, general style and wedding theme to recommend options that will flatter you the most.

You Don’t Need To Spend Thousands

Just because the price tag isn’t in the thousands, doesn’t mean the dress is any less fabulous. Many online retailers such as ASOS and Missguided are now offering high-fashion bridalwear at budget prices. Or maybe you would like to buy second-hand at a charity store or fundraising auction. Ultimately, it’s the fit and how you feel in the dress that matters.

Not Everyone Cries

Snots, sniffles and teary eyes aren’t mandatory. Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with you. Not everyone is overcome with emotion at the sight of themselves dressed in all-white.

Make Your Own Rules

Stay true to your own style and personality when dress shopping. A traditional white dress isn’t to everyone’s taste. So break the rules and follow your heart fiercely. If you’re a trendsetting fashionista, opt for those trousers you fell for. If you’re obsessed with all things pretty and vintage, wear your tea-length dress with pride. Don’t be afraid to step away from the norm and make a bold statement.

You Can Buy The First Dress You Try On

Some brides-to-be have all the luck. If you get that bubbling sense of overwhelming happiness when trying on that very first dress, then who says you can’t buy it? In this case, what you don’t have you won’t miss. Once you have found your dream dress, trust your gut instinct.

Stop Looking As Soon As You Find ‘The One’

Let’s be honest, we all suffer from a case of FOMO every once in a while. Do not torture yourself by searching for more gowns on Pinterest or by organising more shopping trips ‘just in case’. Not only will you waste valuable wedding planning time, but you will also drive yourself crazy by second-guessing your initial purchase. Remember, you fell in love with it for a reason!

Image Credit: via Hyde Park Bridal.


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