Top 10 Ways To Avoid Being A Bridezilla

Top 10 Ways To Avoid Being A Bridezilla

We’ve all heard stories about the dreaded bridezilla. Those spoiled, bossy brides who fall out with their wedding planners, rant at their grooms and make their bridesmaids cry. But although no bride ever aspires to become a bridezilla, the stress of wedding planning, financial pressures, opinionated family members and last minute hitches can flip you out of “bridechilla”mode in no time! That’s why, UK’s most popular online jeweller, has come to the rescue with their top 10 tips of how not to let the monster erupt.

Top 10 Ways To Avoid Being A Bridezilla

1. You. Cannot. Control. Everything. Every wedding experiences a hitch or two. It won’t help to have a tantrum in the church when your nephew turns up in blue jeans or Uncle Frank sneezes loudly throughout your vows. If you can laugh at those quirky moments now, they’ll become epic wedding anecdotes to tell your future kids!

2. Delegate, delegate, delegate. Ask your mum to deal with the caterer and your fiancé to book the band or hire a planner. You’ll stay far more relaxed if you don’t try to do everything yourself.

3. Wedding planning is a long-haul effort so don’t sweat the small stuff too far in advance. Do you really need that flower quote NOW NOW NOW if the wedding is still eight months away?

4. Nip the crazy in the bud. If you’re normally chilled out, but suddenly find yourself yelling, throwing things and being uncharacteristically rude, take a deep breath and apologise if necessary.

5. Perspective is everything. Remember that your wedding is just one day, but your marriage, your family and your friends are for forever.

6. Go unplugged. If you’re driving yourself nuts with Pinterest h’orderve ideas and emailing your wedding planner fifty times a day, switch off. Read, take a walk or do some yoga to unwind, and ban all “wedding talk” after 9pm.

7. Bridesmaids really just want one thing: to look nice in your wedding photos. Cherish your friendship and spend some time choosing dresses that compliment them as well as your own look.

8. Give yourself some slack too. If the photographer turns up late or your bridesmaid goes AWOL on the morning of your wedding, you have a right to be annoyed. Just remember to be assertive and not aggressive, as people will respect you more and you’ll get the end result you want.

9. Don’t brush off the groom. Cancelling date night because you have wedding chores to do is putting the cart before the horse… This is the man you’ll be spending the rest of your life with after all.

10. Finally, remember to say thank you. Hug your mum and dad, thank each of your bridesmaids personally and send a thank you letter to the cousin who flew all the way from New Zealand to be at your wedding. You know they did it gladly anyway, but your nearest and dearest will really appreciate it when their love for you is acknowledged.

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