Top Wedding Photography Styles and Trends from NYC

The pictures from your wedding day will help you remember the most important moments of your day. It is important to hire a wedding photographer that you trust with everything and whose style that you love!  The right photographer will assist you in having physical representations of memories to cherish for years to come.

There are many new styles and trends that are becoming more and more popular that you can implement into your wedding.

Documentary Style Coverage

When we speak to some of the best wedding photographers in New York City (NYC), it is becoming more and more popular for brides to want their wedding to feel as natural as possible.  As stated by NYC wedding photographer, STAK Studios, having a natural documentary-style coverage can help you feel less stressed on your special day and allow you to enjoy the moment without being aware of cameras.  Brides want to celebrate, have fun, and enjoy the day!  A great documentary-style wedding photographer can help you do that.  This relaxed way of capturing memories can give you images that you love. 

If you opt for a photographer who goes for a documentary-style, there will be less posing. The more candid and natural  moments will be captured on camera for a more natural look in your photos. You will also be able to fully enjoy your wedding and all of the excitement and joy of it. The photos you receive will represent this fun-spirited nature, as well for a more authentic feel.

Unplugged Ceremonies

Another trend in the realm of wedding photography is to offer an unplugged ceremony. This means your guests will put their phones away and enjoy your ceremony!  Only the photographer that you carefully picked will be responsible for taking photos. Your photos will be much more beautiful when guests are not blocking their faces with their own cameras or mobile devices. Guests will be more in tune to the ceremony as well.

If this is something that you are interested in for your wedding, be sure to talk with your wedding officiant about it.  It’s good to make an announcement before the ceremony to remind guests they don’t need to take photos.  Your photographer may be able to assist in explaining to guests the idea behind an unplugged ceremony as well so that no one feels offended.  And you can also write it into your wedding program for your guest to read.  

Here’s an example:

First Look Photos with the Groom

First looks are becoming more and more popular with couples. A first look photo session provides for an intimate moment between you and your groom. It allows more time for posed family shots and beautiful photos of just you, the couple, as well. Many brides take these portraits before the ceremony

When first look photos with the groom are done before the ceremony, there is not as much time taken up after the ceremony for posed photos. You can go to the reception where you want to have fun and celebrate your marriage. You also will have more time to speak and visit with your guests during the cocktail hour! 

Father-Daughter First Look

A father-daughter first look is also becoming more and more popular among brides in New York City. Your father is the first man who loved you, so this can be a very intimate and special moment as well. Some brides even involve both parents in order to make it special for you and both individuals who raised you.

If you want to have a first look with your father, be sure to speak to your photographer about it. This is a moment that you should absolutely want to get captured on camera in order to cherish the memories in the future. Make sure your photographer is able to capture the beauty, the laughter, the emotions and the surprise of this special moment between you and your father or you and your parents.

Professional Proposal or Engagement Sessions

Engagement photos have become popular over the past several years in NYC, and they continue to remain popular. You can even hire the same photographer for all: your proposal, your engagement session, and your wedding!  

Hiring a photographer for the proposal has also become more and more popular. This responsibility is up to the groom, however, and his well thought out plans! A skilled photographer can capture that beautiful moment when you say “I do” for you to look back on forever.

The engagement session before your wedding will help you and your groom be comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera with your photographer. These pre-wedding sessions are often a simple, exciting, and fun date!

Wedding Albums

Wedding albums are not just a thing of the past. Many brides, especially in New York City, still care about these precious handmade books. Around 90% of brides in the city have stated that they want somewhere to safely place all of their wedding photos and easily view them for years to come.

Some wedding photographers offer a wedding album as part of their package. If not, you can usually order one after the wedding as well.  There is something very special about having a handmade book of your wedding photos designed by the creator, your photographer!  This album can then be shown to friends and family in the future and makes it easy to keep and view your images.

Final Thoughts

There are many exciting trends and styles in the photography industry of New York City. These trends often are dependent on the bride’s, or your, personal preferences. Hire an amazing wedding photographer who can assist you in achieving your photo dreams for your wedding, with all of the results you want.

Steven Young

Whether it's a hug from your mom, a wild moment on the dance floor, or that special way your partner looks at you, I'm passionate about helping you capture those important moments and emotions on your wedding day.

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