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6 Reasons To Have An Unplugged Wedding

Let’s face it; selfies in the church are a big no-no. If we aren’t uploading pictures to our Facebook profile, we are posting our daily lives in tiny boxes on Instagram for the world to see. Many couples even create wedding hashtags for guests to share and tweet candid shots of their special day.

Rising in popularity in recent years is the humble, old-fashioned unplugged wedding. For those of you staring blankly at your screen wondering what the heck an unplugged wedding entails, it involves guests turning off all smartphones and digital devices during the wedding ceremony and reception to ensure your day runs seamlessly. The idea makes logical sense, right?

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However, the notion of switching off has caused a divide on bridal forums with some brides-to-be arguing that guests may feel insulted at the idea of such a bizarre request. If you are unsure whether an unplugged wedding is for you, here are five reasons to consider a digital ban.

Picture Perfect

Every bride wants all eyes on her as she steps up the aisle. Not a sea of smartphones and flashing cameras distracting her during the most important walk of her life.

Of course, guests attending your special day will have the best intentions when snapping a picture of your first kiss as a married couple. But really this harmless action is hindering the photographer’s chance to catch the most intimate moments of the ceremony. And considering most couples spend upwards of one thousand euro on a photographer for the day, your wedding pictures should be flawless.

Having an unplugged ceremony is more or less an insurance policy to make your special day picture perfect. You won’t have to worry about images being distorted by the flash of other cameras, snap-happy guests jumping in front of the photographer’s lens or row upon row of smartphone screens ruining wide-shots of the ceremony. If you have high expectations for your wedding album, opting for a tech-free day sounds like the best option for you.

Social Media Friendly Weddings

Score a Discount

After deciding to take the plunge and go tech-free for your wedding day, it’s time to think about haggling down prices. An unplugged wedding is the perfect opportunity to nab a discount by negotiating on photography and videography fees.

Not all photographers will jump on the unplugged bandwagon and re-evaluate their price. However, your choice to go unplugged will inevitably make their job on the big day that bit easier. They won’t have the hassle of pushy guests ruining that perfect shot or have to worry about editing unsightly smartphones from images. Don’t be afraid to ask. After all, it’s a win/win situation for both parties. Simples.

Live in the Moment

An unplugged wedding will give your guests the chance to take in every detail of your day with their own eyes rather than viewing it through a five-inch screen. I was at a wedding last year where I got a first glimpse of the bride’s dress through another guests iPhone. It totally spoiled the moment and I completely missed out on seeing the couples reactions as they met at the alter!

Many guests also spend the entire festivities taking pictures from various angles while the day slips by. Putting a digital ban in place will invite your guests to be fully-present without any distractions. And who knows maybe some interesting conversations can be struck up during the meal whilst guests aren’t checking their Facebook status every five minutes.

6 Reasons To Choose An Unplugged Wedding

Avoid Social Media Blunders

Social media can be a deal breaker for many brides who want to keep their wedding pictures private. Choosing to hold an unplugged wedding can save you from worrying about guests posting unflattering pictures on Facebook before you get a chance to vet them.

Placing a social media and smartphone ban during the morning of your wedding will also help to avoid potential disasters posed by members of the excited bridal party. Going unplugged will eliminate the fear of your husband-to-be seeing your dress on social media before you even arrive at the church.

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It Will Save Time

Time really is precious on your big day. Only allowing professional photographs during the ceremony and dinner will eliminate the stampede of aunties and cousins who want to grab a picture with you. Your day will run much smoother if your hired photographer takes all the necessary pictures with your guests. This will leave you time to relax and actually enjoy the day with your husband. Most photographers now include a USB key in their packages with the camera reel. These pictures can be forwarded to guests if they wish following the celebrations.

Have Photo Fun

To ease the pain of the Insta addicts, why not try something different such as guest Polaroid pictures or hiring a photo booth with props for the reception. Instead of pulling duck face poses and taking selfies on smartphones, let loose and have some fun. These are the pictures that will make the night memorable and guests will enjoy looking back on.

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