The Untold Guide About Being Engaged

You can’t stop grinning at your left hand and for the first time ever you’re bursting to go into work.


Enjoy it – jump around, get a manicure quick and accept every celebratory glass of fizz that gets thrust into your hands.  Sh*t gets very real, very quickly, so enjoy being on Cloud 9 for as long as possible.

Now, planning your wedding is a whole new world of welcome chaos and you don’t need us to tell you to research venues and nail down your budget, right?  So instead, like your honorary Big Sis, WeddingDates is here with the untold guide about being engaged …

  1. Here come the bubble busters. Within hours you’ll hear, “have you set a date yet, have you set a date yet, have you set a date yet”… “Erm no Susan we haven’t set a date because we only got engaged two days ago and your bad vibes are dulling the shine of my Princess cut!”.  This is perfectly normal.  Why?  Because the engagement doesn’t involve them but the wedding does, so thoughts quickly turn.  Just accept it with good grace and playfully say, “oh we have some ideas but you’ll just have to wait and see”, they’ll take the hint.   
  2. If the ring don’t fit… lots of girls come in to venue visits ring-less. Either it didn’t fit or the gamble didn’t pay off. Resizing is a very straightforward job – don’t worry, you’ll have your baby back soon.  If, however you genuinely don’t like it then it’s a tough conversation to have but now is the time.  Don’t be upset with your partner, it’s not a reflection of how much s/he knows you, appreciate how much they tried and have the conversation before wearing (and possibly scratching) it.  I know one girl who conveniently “lost” her ring two months before the wedding – all a clever ruse to get an upgrade.
  3. Suddenly everyone is an expert. Not just your friends, but your colleagues, relatives, the woman on the reception desk at the gym – all of sudden they’re all wedding gurus and start offering (unsolicited) advice. It can be terribly frustrating as you nod through your fake smile (I don’t even want a naked cake so why are you still talking?!).  Often they think they’re helping, sometimes they just want to reminisce and perhaps they see it as a chance to bond with you.  Work on that fake smile and graciously accept it nothing more than friendly flattery.
  4. The venue comes first. Don’t rush into big purchases such as your dress or event stylist until you have chosen your venue. I know it’s terribly tempting to start dress shopping or toying around with colour palettes for linen and flowers (and there’s no harm in looking) but once you have selected your venue then you’ll know how to compliment it and it will flow from there.  That uber-stylish, halter-neck Jesus Peiro gown won’t work in that rustic barn in July.
  5. Wedding Fairs can be a big disappointment! I’m sorry to break it to you but you won’t be handed a glass of Champagne upon entry and very few people will congratulate you. They sound idyllic, but I’ve heard Brides describe them as cattle markets and leave terribly deflated.  Instead look for open evenings or venue showcases – this is your chance to see venues that you genuinely like, often styled for a wedding, and you can talk to the coordinators 1:1 (usually with a free glass of fizz in hand).  They are much more welcoming and a lot more productive.



Photo by Tiko Giorgadze on Unsplash

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