Unusual Ways to Celebrate your Landmark Anniversary

As you get into the swing of everyday life as a married couple, it can be easy to forget just how special your wedding day was. Sometimes life just takes over, so it is nice to have one day set aside each year when you and your husband or wife can celebrate and remember your perfect day, reflect on the year and look forward to the next few together.

For many couples, it is important to be able to celebrate their wedding anniversary in a special way, but that doesn’t mean you should always be celebrating in the same way. Just as with many things in a relationship it is good to mix it up a bit, do something unexpected or different – especially on a landmark anniversary.

The world is your oyster when it comes to ways to celebrate an anniversary, and here are some unusual ideas of what you can do to mark another glorious year together:

1.    Go on a Coach Trip

You can get away for the weekend on a UK coach trip holiday, taking in the sights and sounds of some of Britain’s most interesting places without having to lift a finger. Let an organised coach tour whisk you both off to places of natural beauty, historical relevance or even a place of particular interest to you both (how about a trip to Midsomer Murders Country?) for a few days of relaxation, entertainment and enjoying each other’s company.

2.    Romantic Photo Shoot

If you are celebrating a landmark-wedding anniversary, why not mark the years with a romantic photoshoot? It is the perfect day to create new memories whilst celebrating older ones. Book a professional photographer and pick a location that is special to the both of you, and don’t forget to take along a drop of champagne!

3.    Recreate your Wedding Menu

Instead of going out for a romantic meal, you could bring back memories of that special day by recreating the meal that you had on the big day. Even better would be to plan it and cook it together, re-living your first meal as a married couple, having a glass of the same wine – and maybe even re-experiencing your first dance…

4.    Have a New Experience

If you’re the adventurous types or just not that into ‘traditional’ romance, there’s no reason why you can’t still mark the big day. Plan a new experience together – something that neither of you have ever done before, and that you’ll never forget. Some ideas could be a hot air balloon ride, bungee jumping, skydiving or swimming with sharks…

5.    Go for a Walk

It might sound boring and unromantic, but you got married to be with that person, and no other reason. You also probably get to see your partner alone less than you wish you could. A walk where there is just the two of you can be perfect for spending time together, enjoying each other’s company, laughing and looking back on the memories. Just make sure that you go somewhere that you won’t know everybody who walks past!

6.    Celebrate with your Loved Ones

Although your wedding was obviously a personal thing between you and your husband or wife, it often takes a lot of work from other loved ones to make the day successful. They are also part of your life, as are children and other family. If you are celebrating a landmark anniversary why not get them all together again to help you celebrate? It doesn’t need to be expensive or require a lot of organisation – maybe a meal out, a buffet at home or even a picnic in the park?

7.    Start Classes

Your wedding day was the beginning of the rest of your life together, so you could start something new together from your wedding anniversary. Is there is something that you’ve both wanted to do or learn? Salsa dancing? Pottery? Photography? Poetry? By starting something new from your anniversary you are prolonging the celebration and adding a new dimension to your relationship.

According to wedding specialists, For Better For Worse, “Like it or not the way couples celebrate their first anniversary sets a standard… We’re not suggesting that every anniversary should be a big production, just that a little consideration is important.”

So, if you are coming up for a landmark anniversary, what is important is that you do something. Something that is perfect for you both and which launches the next year of your marriage to many more of wedded bliss.



Feature Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

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