Wedding Budget: The Real Cost of Your Wedding

Wedding Budget: The Real Cost of Your Wedding

Wedding Budget: The Real Cost of Your Wedding

I think it is safe to say that budgets are every bride’s worst nightmare. Sticking to a strict budget can seem so easy at first but after you’ve scouted Pinterest, visited wedding fayre’s and found the dream dress it is easy to see how the wedding in your head won’t quite add up on the calculator. Although people say that we are still in the midst of the recession and purse strings are tight, here at WeddingDates we’ve found some interesting information to suggest that bride’s are increasingly getting the wedding of their dreams – no matter what the cost!

This great infographic from Nutmeg reveals that wedding budgets are on the rise, honeymoon destinations are becoming more exotic and parents are footing increasing amounts of the bill. Not only that, but guests are spending more money per wedding too!

The most interesting aspect of this research is that although the cost of the average wedding has risen by £7,000 in the last 10 years, the average number of guests has actually reduced by 7%. This suggests that weddings are becoming smaller and more intimate to make way for more glamorous and expensive locations. It could also take into account the rising cost of, well, everything from flowers to food which has had a dramatic impact on the cost of the big day.

Here at WeddingDates we know that you can have your dream wedding no matter what your budget but it’s interesting to see how much the costs can amount to when you have a specific picture in mind and won’t settle for anything less. According to this survey, the top single wedding day cost is the honeymoon. This makes sense, we all want to jet off in newly-wed bliss straight after the big day, but if your budgets are tight it might be worth thinking about taking a ‘mini moon’ to somewhere less exotic while you save up for the ‘real deal’.

Why not check out our Top 10 Wedding Budget Tips for other ways to ensure that your budget doesn’t spiral out of control. Or, alternatively, if your parents are willing to foot the bill, go all out and just enjoy the day of your dreams!

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