Wedding Budget: 4 Hidden Wedding Costs

Wedding Budget: Four Hidden Wedding Costs

Wedding Budget: Four Hidden Wedding Costs

When it comes to your wedding budget, there will always be hidden extras that add up. It will always be those pricey little bits that sneak up and take over your wedding funds. Here are four hidden wedding costs to be aware of:


Stationers often won’t advertise the shipping costs. Oversized or awkwardly shaped bulky invites can take up a surprising amount of your budget.

Corkage and Cake cutting

If you use the cake or alcohol provided by the reception, the charge is usually included in the cost. But sometimes, going with an outside baker or vino can raise the price because your venue’s staff are there to slice and serve each piece, meaning more work for their staff! Ask your venue about their corkage fees before you decide to source it yourself.


That flower girl dress is too big? Maybe the bridal gown needs to be taken up. Most boutiques prices won’t include alterations. Depending on what needs to be done, an alteration can cost anywhere from £100 up. Ask your shop how much any alterations cost if they provide that service.


Your band, DJ, wedding photographer and videographer are only booked for a set amount of hours, so if your wedding runs a little longer than expected, they will charge per hour. Factor in addition getting ready time and taking photos, that way you can give your suppliers a realistic timeline.

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