Wedding Decor You'll Love in 2020

As you tour wedding venues and flip through inspirational pictures, you’re slowly putting together your dream wedding. Every choice gets you closer to your big day, so enjoy each step of the planning process. When you’re not putting together color schemes and sketching out cake designs, you’ll need to think about the decor you’ll use in both your ceremony and reception.

There’s an entire world of wedding decor to pick from once you jump into it, so where do you start? Look ahead to what will be popular in 2020 to predict what will look best at your ceremony. No bride wants to walk down the aisle surrounded by outdated decor that draws attention away from the love in the room.

Read on to learn about a few wedding decorations you’ll love in 2020. They’re trendy and classic, so they’ll look great in pictures for decades after your wedding. See which ones fit your personality and wedding vision to pick decor that will make your dream wedding come true!

1. Vintage Wallpaper Accent Walls

Accent walls have been a favourite piece of wedding decor for years. They stand out behind gift tables and look perfect as the backdrop for photos. Skip the overused photo backgrounds and use vintage wallpaper as your accent wall instead. The right wallpaper will work as the statement decor piece and give your wedding a classy design.

2. Casual Rattan Decor

Rattan was a common decorating material during the ’70s, but it’s coming back more popular than ever for 2020 weddings. Get a better idea of how to use it when you look at rattan decor inspiration and consider it for your seating, baskets and even bathroom decor. It’s an easy way to include more natural materials and play with textures in your decor.

Photo via Kelley Nan on Pinterest

3. Crisp Translucent Objects

Clear wedding decor has become more prevalent in recent months and will only become more widely used in the year to come. Hang or display window panes and write on the glass in paint markers to display seating charts and menu options. Invest in a glass cake stand or lighting to create the translucent appeal that this decorating trend adds to any wedding theme.

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4. Comfortable Lounge Furniture

Sprawling venues and outdoor spaces host weddings every year, so brides are taking advantage of the space. Instead of sticking guests in plastic chairs, you can try renting comfortable lounge furniture. Your guests will adore chatting on sofas during cocktail hour rather than standing around tall tables for an hour or longer.

Photo via Leia Lewis on Pinterest

5. Bold Moroccan Rugs

When you picture walking down the aisle, do you think about what will be under your feet? You might be one of the many brides who fall in love with bold Moroccan rugs. You can use them to add personality to your ceremony or pad the dance floor. They’re even great for covering empty wall space in extra-large venues. Find rugs that match your wedding colors so they fit right in with your casual or vintage theme.

6. Hanging Floral Displays

Most brides want to cover their wedding in floral arrangements, so go a step further and hang them from the ceiling, too! Draping greenery above your altar or reception dance floor adds a romantic fairytale charm that gives any wedding design some depth.

Hanging floral displays come in many sizes, so you can personalize them with your choice of flowers or just greenery. Hang them outside from tents or inside your reception area. Always double-check with your venue to ensure you’re allowed to hang decor since some places have rules against it to maintain fire safety codes.

Photo via Emma Loves Weddings on Pinterest

Make a Picture Board

Sometimes it’s hard to picture decor in your wedding when you can’t visit your venue frequently. In that case, find pictures of these 2020 wedding decor trends and put them on a board. Then, move them around to get a better idea of how it will all work together. This lets you easily figure out exactly how you want your wedding to look, well before you walk down the aisle on your special day.



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