Wedding Fitness For The Bride

Are you trying to shape up and get fit for your wedding day? We know, it isn’t always easy! Figure out what works best for you, do you enjoy the gym or is it your worst nightmare? If you aren’t a fan grab a friend and get out in the fresh air for a power walk or a jog. Do you like dancing? Why not sign up to Zumba once a week with your bridesmaids? A great opportunity to get your wedding fitness started while having a bit of fun, and you might even be able to trick them into a wedding planning meeting afterwards!

Spring is a great time to start your healthy wedding regime if you have not already done so. The brighter days will make you feel more energetic and for some reason it seems so much easier to eat healthily during the spring and summer months! Tomorrow is always a day away, so why not kickstart your routine by doing it now. Grab those runners and get yourself outdoors. We have a few tips to get you started. Here’s to healthily living!

Drink Up

No, not the alcoholic time! You will have been told this time and time again since you were a child but it’s a known fact we should be drinking at least two litres of water a day. Your skin, hair and even nails will show the results. You may even notice you aren’t hungry as often because a lot of the time we confuse hunger with dehydration!

Get Up And Move

It doesn’t have to be an hours run every day but if you want to get fit you must move. A fast power walk 4 or 5 times a week could do the trick or start a new fitness class. Spinning works wonders if you are up for it, don’t say I didn’t warn you!


This may seem impossible with your wedding day becoming closer and closer but you need to be getting enough sleep every night. Once you get yourself into the routine you will feel the results and have a more refreshed mind when you are knees deep in your planning.

Write a List

Make a list of all the healthy and nutritious foods you are going to pick up before you go to the supermarket! This should veer you away from picking up any half price Ben & Jerry’s (we all have done it…). With a full fridge and your meals set out for the week there will be no stopping you!

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