Wedding Gift Registry Tips: 4 Useful Gifts to Add to Your List

When it comes to creating a wedding gift registry, it’s tempting to put items on your list that you want but might not necessarily need – after all, while that fine bone china fit for royalty is lovely, is it likely that the Queen will ever come round for a cuppa?

So, in this article, we’ll be exploring some more practical ideas to put on your wedding gift registry that still have a thoughtful touch, while making sure your guests are able to buy you items that you will actually use. From handy power tools and practical fixtures and fittings to help you personalise and renovate your first marital home to luxury items like your very own home drinks bar or a sumptuous bed frame, there are endless possibilities if you think outside the box – all you need to to do is narrow down the list to pick the ones that you want to include.

Keep things personal

For many couples already living together, there’s little need to request even more crockery or kitchenware to clutter up your already-full cupboards. However, that’s not to say there isn’t room for a few upgrades here and there – and what better way to furnish your kitchen than with some personalised crockery to make those cosy mealtimes or dinner parties even more special?
Suggesting guests buy you bespoke dinner plates or a pie dish with your names or some personalised message on them is a fun and quirky way to upgrade your dinnerware and receive a constant reminder of your special day.

Photo by @kchance8 on Unsplash

Handy tool kits and power tools

Even if you don’t fancy yourselves as budding DIY enthusiasts, every household should have a decent set of essential tools in their armoury like a selection of screwdrivers, hammers and spanners – just in case the need arises.

However, if your current set of tools resembles a sad collection of the same size screwdrivers that have seen better days, it could be time to start afresh. Kitting out a whole new toolbox can be an expensive undertaking though, so adding a complete toolkit or even the option to buy specific pieces could be a great way to make sure you have all the right kit for putting up new shelves for all your gorgeous wedding and honeymoon photos.

If you have grand plans for a marital home makeover, you could even ask for people to buy you the power tools like a multi-purpose handheld drill or sanding machine. These may seem like unexciting gifts, but after the cost of the wedding, not having to fork out for these could be a blessing in disguise.

Functional fixtures and fittings

On the subject of DIY, another useful idea for wedding presents could be to ask your guests to buy or contribute towards upgrading the fixtures and fittings in your home – making sure your married love nest is designed exactly how you both want it. When choosing items, be sure to keep longevity in mind to make sure these additions are ones that you can enjoy for years to come.

Whether you’re looking for a striking light fitting for your living room or vintage-inspired Victorian tiles for the bathroom to stamp your own style in this functional room, getting a little added help from family and friends is a great way to save money on these items. As an added bonus, when guests come to visit you can show them exactly what their contribution went towards and how they’ve helped to make long-lasting additions to your marital home.

Add some luxury items

Of course, wedding gifts shouldn’t just be about practical stuff – there’s also plenty of scope to add those aspirational items to your wedding registry, too. Need a new bed or want to create your own art-deco living room bar? Well, these are all high-ticket items that can easily be part of your wedding present inventory. Simply find your dream items and either add them to the list to buy as a whole (if you have generous guests) or add the option for people to pay small amounts towards the full purchase. More often than not, if people know it’s something you really want, they’ll be willing to help you get it!

You can also include the added extras in there too if you like. For example, if you’re asking for something like a freestanding bar cart, why not also give the option for people to buy a selection of luxury drinks, cocktail glasses and other accessories to make your bar look the full part? If it’s something more practical like a bed, you could include a high-quality duvet set or scatter cushions for the finishing touches.

Photo by John Fornander on Unsplash

Compiling your wedding gift registry is no easy feat, but it definitely doesn’t have to be limited to just the traditional items or the obvious honeymoon contributions.

We hope with the ideas in this post, you’ll see that with a little creativity and practical thinking it’s easy to curate a wedding gift list that’s brimming with thoughtful presents that you actually want and will get the use of, even if it’s not right away.

Suhayl Laher

Suhayl Laher works at Tiles Direct, one of the UK’s largest independent tile distributors and retailers - bringing design inspiration to homeowners, architects and developers.

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