The Art of Giving: 4 Practical Wedding Gifts To Start Married Life In Style

Wedding gifts might seem like an afterthought once you’ve sorted out everything related to the ceremony, from the venue to the food and beyond. You might even just ask for cash donations rather than draw up a gift list – but this can lead to more problems further down the line when you’re unsure what to buy with your wedding windfall.

This post will make the case for a practical selection of wedding gifts that’ll kick off this important chapter of your life in style.

A high-quality marital bed

It’s never a bad time to upgrade your bed – but those first few days of cohabiting as a married couple is an irresistible opportunity to make a switch to a super-comfy bed that’ll be perfect for years of growing together.

However, before you plump for that grandiose four-poster with ostentatious detailing, you might want to think about practicalities. Something that doubles as a storage space, such as an ottoman bed, will help you come to terms with the sheer amount of stuff that a married couple accumulates over the years. A convenient place to store odds and ends is always a good thing – especially if you’ve just started cohabiting and you’re trying to combine two separate book or DVD collections and can’t find a compromise…

Quality cookware

Let’s face it, you’ll want your marital home to be filled with enchanting cooking aromas that turn weeknight meals into gourmet date nights. To do this, you’ll need a kitchen that’s a little better equipped for your post-wedding life.

Make sure to list some homewares that will last for generations – from cast-iron cooking pots to svelte silverware fit for special occasions, giving your guests an extensive list to choose from will mean that your kitchen experience will be transformed forever, even if your cooking skills are very limited!

Some statement appliances

We’re not necessarily on about regular white goods here. Sure, a new washing machine might be nice, but it doesn’t exactly scream ‘aspirational married lifestyle’. Something a little fancier might fit the bill better – such as a barista-style espresso coffee machine ideal for lazy weekend mornings, or a bread maker for the laissez-faire baker in you.

Whatever appliance you choose, make sure it adds a certain element of panache to your home. Moving out of the kitchen, a home cinema or high-definition audio setup could be a winner – although these tend to be on the expensive side.

A personal touch

Ultimately, you want your wedding gifts to reflect the celebration of your love that you’ve just experienced. This is why you should leave room for some more personal touches – such as photo frames for the wedding pictures, bespoke wall decorations commemorating the big day – anything that solidifies those blissful memories in your new marital home.

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Such subtle personal touches can be found anywhere, from cushions to throws and beyond. Just ensure it’s in keeping with your own personal styles and you’ll soon be on your way to practical, personalised interior bliss, all of which will look fantastic for years to come.




Author bio:

Shuayb Patel works at OWO Living, specialists in stylish home furniture and beds.


Feature Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

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